Homeland Security Suggests Airlines
Eliminate Baggage Fees To Speed Up TSA Lines
Petitions To Bern Out Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Soar Past 200,000 Signatures
Tom Brokaw Tells College Students
Owning Firearms Leads to Terrorism
Vast Majority Of Americans Don't Have $1,000 In Savings
Clinton policies to end pay gap would just make it larger
Obama Lifts Decades-old Vietnam Arms Embargo
Poll: Expect close races in Ohio, Florida
Clinton: I'll consider businesspeople for VP
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  • Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner
  • Jessica Vaughan - Center for Immigration Studies, Director of Policy
  • Eliana Kopely - Social Chair for the Students Supporting Israel group at the University of California, Irvine (UCI)
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TB Refugees Indiana

Four refugees sent to Indiana by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement in 2015 were diagnosed with active tuberculosis once they arrived in the Hoosier State, according to the Indiana Department of Health.

Fed Housing for Trans Illegals

U.S. immigration officials are opening a new detention facility in Texas that will include a unit specifically created for transgender individuals, Fusion has confirmed.


Craig Shirley: Clinton Attacks Won't Hurt Trump; He Is Anti-Elitist & Running For A Virtuous Republic

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Hillary Clinton Is the Democrats' Jeb Bush

Betsy Woodruff - The Daily Beast

It's easy to forget how dumb we've been. Seventeen months ago, Jeb Bush announced over Facebook that he would be starting a Leadership PAC to "facilitate conversations with citizens across America" about whether he would be a good president.

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How Corporate America Bought Clinton for $21M

Michael Walsh - New York Post

"Follow the money." That telling phrase, which has come to summarize the Watergate scandal, has been a part of the lexicon since 1976. It's shorthand for political corruption: At what point do "contributions" become bribes, "constituent services" turn into quid pro quos and "charities" become slush funds?

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Trump's Jump in Polls Changes the Media Mindset

Howard Kurtz - Fox News

Suddenly, abruptly, the press is viewing Donald Trump as a potential president. The business that gave him no chance of winning the nomination, which remained in denial for months as he dispatched his GOP rivals, which has been operated under the assumption that Hillary Clinton will clobber him, is starting to change its tune.

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