President Trump begins his first week with an ambitious agenda.
Women's march refuses to acknowledge pro-life groups
Trump signs executive orders defunding international Planned Parenthood, freezing federal hiring, and withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
Protestors at the Inauguration believe setting cars
on fire brings more people to their side.
Gen. James Mattis confirmed by Senate
to be the new Secretary of Defense
3 down, many more to go: Rep. Mike Pompeo passes his confirmation hearing as the next CIA Director
Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots to meet in
Super Bowl 51 on February 5th
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  • Dr. Ramin Oskoui - Renowned practicing cardiologist, who specializes in cardiovascular disease and practices at Foxhall Cardiology.
  • Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent at the Washington Examiner, Fox News Contributor
  • Michael Steele - Former Republican National Committee Chairman, MSNBC political analyst.
  • Raymond Arroyo - News director and lead anchor for EWTN, author, journalist, and producer.
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Read it or Weep

The Losers of 2016


2016 wasn't just about winning. For a lot of people, and not a few ideas, 2016 was a year for losing. As the world settles into the Age of Trump, here is our list of the Biggest Losers of 2016.

Gov. Abbott: Travis County Sheriff's ICE policy frivolous, reckless

Gov. Greg Abbott is doubling down on his stance on how Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez plans on dealing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. On Friday, Sheriff Hernandez released a statement outlining the policy changes and describing how she will prohibit Travis County deputies and jailers from inquiring about someone's immigration status.


Byron York: 'Priebus & Spicer Should Be VERY Concerned By Leaks In Trump Administration'

The Nuclear Option

Not since 1980 - or perhaps 1932 - has such a political revolution hit the banks of the Potomac River. Donald Trump comes into the White House with a bright, clear mandate to make wholesale changes to every aspect of the federal government.

A Women-Only, Hijab-Friendly Salon Grows In Brooklyn

Getting a trim seems simple enough, but for devout Muslim women who wear a hijab it's not as easy as just making an appointment. Since Islam forbids women from showing their hair to men outside of their families, scheduling a haircut is far from simple. Huda Quhshi is changing that with Le'Jemalik, a Brooklyn beauty shop that caters to Muslim women.

Lie of the Day

Chelsea Manning has served a tough prison made sense to commute her sentence. I feel very comfortable that justice was served.

- President Barack Obama

Lie of the Day

In terms of our relationship to poor and working people, our record is worse than virtually any other country on earth.

- Sen Bernie Sanders

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