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  • Guest Host: John Hinderaker
  • Ned Ryun - Former presidential writer for George W. Bush, and founder and CEO of American Majority
  • Steve Moore - Economist & Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and co-founder of The Committee to Unleash Prosperity
  • Heather MacDonald - Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and author of The Diversity Delusion, officially out on Sept. 4 but available for preorder now
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Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens


Rand Paul Joins the Laura Ingraham Show From Russia with Love After Weeklong Trip to the Soviet Union


Niger Innis: Omarosa Wreaked Havoc on the Trump Administration and the African American community she was supposed to serve.


Avery Price, hero who stood for the national anthem despite hereditary spastic paraplegia, calls in to The Laura Ingraham Show!


Dr. Mark Christian: "I am an Immigrant and they are taking what you said out of context completely."


Dinesh D'Souza on his Latest Movie, Death of a Nation


Craig Shirley Destroys the Media's Sloppy Analysis of Reagan's Immigration Policy


Bill Bennett: "I've Never Seen Anything Like the Attacks on Administration Officials from the Media Like I Do Today"

President Regularly Reads These 'Prayer Cards' from Everyday Americans

Americans of faith are having an impact at the White House. President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence regularly read the prayer cards (shown in the photo above) that everyday Americans write on small index cards - with an aim of encouraging our nation's political leaders by letting them know people are praying for them as they do the work of the country.
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What do you think of Trump's idea to revoke security clearances for James Brennan and Jim Clapper?
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