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Alan Dershowitz

On China's New Silk Road, Democracy Pays A Toll

Great power competition is back. And China is now combining its vast economic resources with a muscular presence on the global stage. One of Beijing's key efforts is the Belt and Road Initiative, a trillion-dollar endeavor to link together Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe through a web of mostly Chinese-funded physical and digital infrastructure.

'Three Days in Moscow': Bret Baier's Home Run

As America heads into a season that features a trifecta of patriotic holidays - Memorial Day, Flag Day, and the Fourth of July - Bret Baier's Three Days in Moscow: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Soviet Empire is perfect holiday reading. It is history - good history - with a lesson for today as the Trump Administration deals with foreign policy challenges from Russia to North Korea, China and, as always, the Middle East.

Why Is DOJ Giving More to NYT, WaPo Than Congress?

U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials have leaked extremely sensitive information about a top secret source three times in the last week while claiming that confidentially sharing information about the source with congressional investigators could greatly impact U.S. national security and potentially risk the source's life.

Why the Dem Media Hopes to Marginalize Melania Trump

Need more evidence that there are two Americas? Here: Left-wing hatred of Melania Trump is inversely proportional to flyover admiration for the first lady. In just the last month, late-night clown Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump's Slovenian accent, CNN contributor April Ryan attacked her as "not culturally American," former Hillary Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines derided her genteel presence at former President George H.W. Bush's funeral, and horror writer Stephen King snickered at her hospitalization this week for kidney surgery.

Do Liberals Hate Trump More Than MS-13?

News outlets including the Associated Press and The New York Times took comments from Trump regarding MS-13 gang members out of context Wednesday, misleading readers to believe he referred to immigrants generally as "animals."

China is the greatest, growing threat to America

China has outlined strategies for 2018, 2025 and 2050 all designed to displace the United States as the dominant global economic and national security superpower. Why it matters: While America dawdles and bickers, China is thinking long-term - and acting now, everywhere. There is no U.S. equivalent of a plan for 2025 or 2050 - or really for next year.

US satisfaction level at highest point since before 2016 election

Americans today are the most satisfied with the way things are going in the country as they have been since right before the 2016 election, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday. Thirty-seven percent of Americans said they were satisfied in May after North Korea announced it would dismantle its nuclear testing site and engage in diplomatic talks with President Trump. That number is up from 29 percent last month.

Fewer Americans are putting off weddings and kids because of money

More Americans are pushing aside their money worries to live their lives. More than one-third of Americans (35%) delayed a major life decision in the last year because of finances, but that's a drop from the 51% who did so in 2015, according to a new survey by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Why? The economy is picking up, the Great Recession is a decade behind them and they're ready to reach for their dreams. The survey, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the AICPA, polled more than 1,000 adults.

The Life of Tim Samaras, The Man Who Chased Storms

"The ingredients are coming together for a pretty volatile day," storm chasing legend Tim Samaras told MSNBC during a phone interview on Friday, May 31, 2013. He warned that a supercell storm, the kind that creates dangerous hail and deadly tornadoes, could be headed for the Oklahoma City area.

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