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June 26 2015
Bill Kristol
Founder and Editor at Weekly Standard
June 26 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz
Senator of Texas and GOP candidate
June 26 2015
Sen. Tom Coburn
GOP Presidential Candidate
June 26 2015
Ed Whalen
President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center; formerly was an official in the United States Department of Justice
June 25 2015
Sen. Jeff Sessions - (R-AL)
June 25 2015
Col. Bill DeGraf
Korean War Veteran
June 25 2015
Victor Davis Hanson
Commentator on modern warfare and contemporary politics for National Review
June 25 2015
Ambassador John Bolton
Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations
June 25 2015
Hans Von Spakovsky
Conservative attorney, Heritage Foundation Fellow, former member of the Federal Election Commission (FEC)
June 25 2015
Craig Shirley
Conservative author, historian, lecturer, and expert on the Reagan Administration
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