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August 26 2016
Monica Crowley
Online Opinion Editor for The Washington Times, Fox News Contributor.
August 26 2016
Jeremy Peters
New York Times correspondent covering the 2016 election.
August 26 2016
Matt Jones
Sportswriter for the Arkansas-Gazette.
August 26 2016
Brian Reindl
Producer and creator of the movie Greater.
August 26 2016
Houston Nutt
Head coach when Brandon was entering his senior year at Arkansas.
August 25 2016
Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Author of Defeating Jihad and Chair of Military Theory at the Marine Corps University.
August 25 2016
Byron York
Chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor, and syndicated columnist.
August 25 2016
Gerard Robinson
Resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, specializing in education policy studies
August 25 2016
Russ Cripps
Founder of AcaciaChurch in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 24 2016
Ed Rollins
Senior Advisor, Teneo Strategy; Longtime Republican strategist & Reagan's former campaign director Seating Chair