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May 23 2017
Bill Gertz
Author and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon
May 23 2017
Ric Grenell
Former U.S. Spokesman to the U.N; diplomat and media commentator
May 23 2017
Nick Carr
NYT bestselling author and Pulitzer prize finalist who writes about technology and culture
May 23 2017
Rob O'Neill
Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden
May 22 2017
Eli Lake
Bloomberg View columnist
May 22 2017
John Roberts
Fox News Chief White House Correspondent
May 22 2017
Paul Kengor
Author, Professor of Political Science at Grove City College
May 19 2017
Pat Buchanan
Conservative author and commentator; Adviser for Nixon and Reagan
May 19 2017
Bob Baer
Former CIA Agent
May 19 2017
Richard Marksbury
Tulane Professor, leader on the Monumental Task Committee