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March 22 2018
Victor Davis Hanson
Historian, military scholar, columnist and Hoover Institute Senior Fellow
March 22 2018
Rep. Andy Biggs -- R-AZ
March 22 2018
Eric Schiffer
CEO and Chairman of Patriarch Equity
March 22 2018
Jack Carr
Retired Navy Seal and Author of The Terminal List: A Thriller
March 21 2018
Rep. Dave Brat -- R-VA
March 21 2018
Lanny Davis
Former White House special counsel to Bill Clinton
March 21 2018
James Kallstrom
Former FBI Assistant Director
March 21 2018
Shelley Hasselbrink
Los Alamitos City Councilwoman
March 21 2018
Dan Patrick
Lt. Governor of Texas
March 20 2018
Senator Rand Paul -- (R-KY)