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Download Lame Duck Speaker, Lame Deal: GOP Congress again cedes constitutional prerogative, works with Dems to jack up spending - October 27, 2015
Download Ingraham: Trump Schools The Press & GOP On Building A Brand - July 27, 2015
Download Ingraham: Trump Has The GOP Establishment's Number - July 23, 2015
Download Ingraham Slames GOP For Attacking Trump - July 09, 2015
Download Ingraham: California killing inflames debate on illegal immigrants, 'sanctuary cities' - July 07, 2015
Download Ingraham On Flag-Banning: Next They Will Come For The Monuments, The Grave Sites, The Uniforms, And The Civil War Re-Enactments - June 25, 2015
Download Bishop E.W. Jackson: "If we ban guns the only people who will have them are criminals. As a pastor you have to protect your flock." - June 18, 2015
Download Ingraham: Why America Hates the GOP-Obamatrade Deal - June 12, 2015
Download Ingraham: Jeb Bush in Berlin: Remember My Dad's Role in Cold War, NOT My Brother's in Iraq - June 10, 2015
Download Ingraham: The Lies American Action Network and GOP Elites Are Portraying On Trade Deal - June 04, 2015
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