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Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) on Wed, Nov 11, 2015:
.@TuckerCarlson: @JebBush knows he will not be the nominee; now he's moving to a kamikaze approach on @marcorubio & it doesn't help the party
Mario Lopez (@MarioHLopezn) on Wed, Oct 28, 2015:
MarioHLopez: [President of @HispLeadFund] "Yes, people who are here working in the U.S. illegally should be deported.
Mike Allen (@mikeallen) on Mon, Oct 12, 2015:
The @WhiteHouse would like the idea of @RepPaulRyan as Speaker, he would not make deals with the House Freedom Caucus.
Rand Paul (@RandPaul) on Thu, Oct 8, 2015:
I don't think @JebBush or his brother could win a general election, I don't think America wants a Bush or a Clinton.
Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) on Tue, Oct 6, 2015:
I am at odds where the Koch brothers are on immigration; we have a system that has been out of control for too long.
Jeremy Peters (@jwpetersNYT) on Thu, Oct 1, 2015:
Voters believe @realDonaldTrump smashes the political system, Trump cannot be bought, it's an incredibly powerful message.
Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) on Wed, Sep 23, 2015:
Shame on Disney for replacing American workers, we need to take the time to retrain Americans, not replace them.
Scott Walker (@ScottWalker) on Wed, Sep 3, 2015:
We don't need a name from the past like @JebBush we need someone like me that has a better chance to beat @HillaryClinton.
Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) on Wed, Sep 2, 2015:
The people who keeping saying I'm in this for VP, that's sexist. I'm as qualified as anyone running for president.
Bret Baier (@BretBaier) on Tue, Sep 1, 2015:
This is not only an anti-establishment vote, it's almost like an anti @JebBush vote, voters have a bad feeling about the GOP.
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