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Scott Walker is headed for trouble with the GOP establishment
Byron York: Washington Examiner
Scott Walker likes to tell a story about shopping at Kohl's.

Two reading lessons from the Supreme Court
George F. Will: The Washington Post
The Supreme Court frequently ponders arcane matters.

Sorry Jeb, The Race is Wide Open
Peggy Noonan: The Wall Street Journal
Thoughts on the 2016 presidential primaries: No one expects anything from the Democrats.

Our Illiberal Immigration Policy Leads to Chaos
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
We need a meritocratic, ethnically blind system - the opposite of the status quo.

GOP Leaders Should Learn from Their Amnesty Calamity
Deroy Murdock: National Review
Congressional Republican leaders have painted themselves into a corner over Emperor Obama's unconstitutional executive order on amnesty.

A Stupid and Sleazy Clinton Decision
Ron Fournier: National Journal
This is sleazy and stupid. Just as Hillary Clinton is getting ready to run for president again, her family's charitable foundation secretly lifted a ban on accepting money from foreign governments.

Victims of Released Criminal Immigrants to Testify Against Obama Policies
Joel Gehrke: National Review
Family members of people who were murdered by illegal immigrants after those immigrants had previously been detained and released pursuant to President Obama's policies will testify before House lawmakers Wednesday morning.

Hillary's identity crisis
Jonah Goldberg: National Review
It apparently takes a village of corporate marketing specialists to tell voters who she is.

Post-Americans, Left and Right
Mark Krikorian: National Review
Kevin is self-evidently correct in endorsing Giuliani's assertion that President Obama doesn't love America.

Fast-Track to More Job Losses for Middle America
Robert W. Patterson: Philly
In his 2010 State of the Union Address, President Obama promised to double exports over five years to "support" 2 million jobs in America.

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