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We're Losing the War Against Radical Islam
Newt Gingrich: National Review
Congress needs a strategy to defeat both violent and cultural jihad.

Washington, D.C. Comics: Dr. Ignoro vs. Bibi
Jonah Goldberg: National Review
Obama's foreign policy is driven by a pathology of willful ignorance.

Maybe Early Polls Are Telling Us Something
Byron York: The Washington Examiner
It's a commonplace to say the 2016 Republican presidential race is at such an early stage that polls are of no value.

Jeb Bush's Nightmare Scenario
Josh Kraushaar: National Journal
Bush is expected to be a formidable contender for the GOP nomination. But there are signs that his biography will lead to struggles in the primary's early stages.

Would the Media Allow 'Cruz Crushing' if He Were a Hispanic Democrat?
John Fund: National Review
The race for president is going to feature a new media sport: "Cruz Crushing." Yesterday's announcement by Ted Cruz that he is running unleashed a vat of vitriol and skepticism about the Texas senator.

Obama: Giving Immigrants Work Permits Is Vital for National Security
Josh Blackman: National Review
The president ignores the immigration laws in order to "improve border security."

Adam C. Smith: Jeb Bush has a conservative problem
Adam C. Smith: Tampa Bay Times
Jeb Bush has a serious Matt Drudge problem, and that points to a more fundamental electoral problem.

Jeb's Talk Radio Problem
Michael Kruse: Politico
"He's not a conservative." That's Rush Limbaugh talking about Jeb Bush. "The ideal, the perfect ticket, for the 2016 election: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush.

Obama's Iran Agenda
Stephen F. Hayes: The Weekly Standard
Iran is an opportunity, not a threat; it's a potential partner, not an enemy.

Dems: Let's Trust Illegal Aliens to Follow the Law on Voting
Ian Smith: National Review
Can prospective voters be asked to prove their citizenship when registering? Liberals say no.

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