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Download Ingraham: Trump Schools The Press & GOP On Buildin...
Download Ingraham: Trump Has The GOP Establishment's Number
Download Ingraham Slames GOP For Attacking Trump
Download Ingraham: California killing inflames debate on il...
Download Ingraham On Flag-Banning: Next They Will Come For ...
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Download Rand Paul: "There is definitely a Bush/Clinton fat...
Download Lindsey Graham: If Trump Is the GOP Nominee I Woul...
Download Mark Halperin: "Trump is unlike anyone I have ever...
Download Carly Fiorina: [Referring to Jeb Bush] "No one own...
Download Ron Fournier: "My guess is the people will decide ...
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Download The lack of respect for law enforcement today; I'v...
Download Policeman Breaking Up Pool Party: When you are out...
Download Marvin from Chesapeake, VA: "I Never Allowed Mysel...
Download Why Are Millennial Women Not Having Babies?
Download Former IT Manager Exposes Ugly truth on so-called ...
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Download Rand Paul standing for the defunding of Obamacare
Download John McCain's "Thank-God" response
Download Rep. Gutierrez on what will happen if we don't hav...
Download Newt's advice to the GOP
Download Jay-Z wants to scare everybody
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