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Download Scott Drew: 'Baylor Coach Brings Faith to the Court As They Head To The Sweet 16' - March 22, 2017
Download Rep. Jordan: 'House Leadership Should Start Over On Health-Care Replacement; Sometimes You Learn More From Losses Than Wins' - March 22, 2017
Download James Rosen :'Comey Was Making Up Rules As The Committee Hearing Went On' - March 21, 2017
Download H1-B Whistleblower: 'Examines H-1B Visas Outsourcing American Jobs & Training Foreign Replacements' - March 20, 2017
Download Ingraham: 'Globalist vs. Populist Inside The Trump Administration' - March 20, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'If Trump Goes The Old Goldman Sachs Route; The Game Is Over' - March 20, 2017
Download Gen. Hayden: 'Saudi Arabia Is Not A Threat To The U.S.; Rebukes Sen. Schumer Statements About Trump Having Hotels There, He knows Better' - March 16, 2017
Download Sean Spicer: 'President Trump Didn't Mean to Personally Accuse Obama for Wiretapping' - March 16, 2017
Download AG Sessions: 'The Country Will NOT Be Better Off If Marijuana Is Readily Available To All Grocery Stores On Every Street Corner' - March 15, 2017
Download Speaker Ryan: 'Bannon & Priebus Are On The Same Page As GOP Leadership On Healthcare Replacement Plan' - March 15, 2017