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Download Tucker Carlson: 'It's Not about Trump; It's about More Americans agreeing with him over Hillary' - August 24, 2016
Download Ed Rollins: 'Trump Has To Shift The Focus To Hillary' - August 24, 2016
Download Gov. Pence: 'Trump Campaign Continues To Reach Out To Kasich, People Need To Hold On' - August 23, 2016
Download Amb. Bolton: 'Many Republicans Doubting Trump On Foreign Policy Were Not Republicans To Begin With' - August 23, 2016
Download Dr. Walid Phares: The Democrats don't want to discuss content on ISIS, just personal attacks - August 16, 2016
Download Pat Buchanan on Manafort and Trump's ISIS speech - August 16, 2016
Download Judicial Watch Chris Farrell: 'Mainstream Media Acts as Clinton Super PAC' - August 12, 2016
Download Ingraham vs. Fmr. Bush Adviser: 'NeverTrumpers Still Don't Understand Why Trump Is Better Than Clinton' - August 11, 2016
Download Ric Grenell: What Went Wrong for Our Out of Touch Elites? - August 10, 2016
Download Ingraham vs. former Reagan staffer: Why Republicans must stick to Trump - August 10, 2016