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Download Gingrich: 'Democrats Cannot Take Out Gen. Mattis or Tillerson; So Dem's Have to Focus on Michael Flynn' - January 13, 2017
Download Spicer: 'Considering Rotating Press Seats & CNN Acosta Lied' - January 12, 2017
Download Dan Henninger: 'Trump Won Because Of The Political Correctness Demonstrated By Meryl Streep Last Night' - January 09, 2017
Download Alabama Athletic Director: 'Obama & Washington Could Learn Something From The Game Of Football' - January 09, 2017
Download Dem Rep.: 'You Can't Oppose Trump On Jobs Push; Dem's Must Work With The President' - January 04, 2017
Download CNBC Host: 'Obamacare Has Hurt The Economy; No Doubt In My Mind' - January 04, 2017
Download Ed Rollins: 'It Was Really Steve Bannon Who Made Trump President; Great Advisor For The WH' - December 08, 2016
Download Historian Craig Shirley on Pearl Harbor: 'December 7 Is the Linchpin of History for America' - December 07, 2016
Download Michael Pillsbury: 'The Media Likes To Hit Trump On False Claims; He Knows How To Negotiate With China By Putting America First' - December 07, 2016
Download Buchanan: 'Real Trouble Trump Will Have Is With The Republican Congress; You Have To Have Tariffs On Borders' - December 07, 2016