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Download Walter Isaacson: 'P.G.T Beauregard Statue Should Never Have Been Taken Down in New Orleans; Slippery Slope to Eliminate History' - August 15, 2017
Download Bill McGurn: 'Many Reasons for China Not to Help the U.S. with NKorea; Communist Countries Do Not Improve' - August 11, 2017
Download Gingrich: 'The President Shouldn't Attack McConnell & I Don't Think Trump Has a Domestic Strategy; We Have To Work As a Republican Team' - August 11, 2017
Download Dr. Bennet Omalu: Do You As Parents Love Football More Than You Love Your Child? Concussion Doctor Says Youth Football is Child Abuse - August 10, 2017
Download Byron York: 'Completely Fair For President Trump To Attack Sen. McConnell But Not Smart Politically' - August 10, 2017
Download Gordon Chang: 'U.S. & NKorea Might End Up Exchanging Nuclear Weapons; Troubling Question is Whether China is Giving NK New Military Technology' - August 09, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'Economic Nationalism Will Go Out The Window If Bannon Leaves; Very Concerned About Gen. McMaster's Foreign Policy Ideas' - August 09, 2017
Download Sen. Perdue: Newsflash -- Trump Successful on Economy and Border Crossings, All Despite Zero Help from the Media or Republicans - August 08, 2017
Download RNC CHAIR: 'GOP Voters Demand That Congress Support Trump' - August 07, 2017
Download Brent Bozell: I've Never Seen Someone Be As Dishonest as Jeff Flake Was - August 03, 2017