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Download Investigator Bill Garcia: Extremely possible for beat-up white woman in southern California to be a victim of a hate-crime by Hispanics. - December 01, 2016
Download Gingrich: 'You Have Never Seen The Sucking Up Before In Presidential History Coming From Romney' - November 30, 2016
Download Fmr. RNC Chairman: 'KellyAnne Conway Won This Election For Trump; She Had The Mechanisms & Had What It Took To Win' - November 29, 2016
Download Rep. King: What Do We Want Some Wimpy Guy At State Department? 'Trump does Not Listen To The Elites' - November 22, 2016
Download Ed Rollins: 'It Bothered Me Immeasurably That Trump Met With Romney; He Had Bad Judgment & Brutally Attacked Trump' - November 21, 2016
Download Trump Economic Advisor: 'Why Rising Interest Rates Are Good; It's A Sign People Have Confidence In The Market Again' - November 16, 2016
Download Reagan Historian: 'Obama Doesn't Know American History; Bigness Brings Corruptions & We Must Guard Against It' - November 16, 2016
Download Conrad Black: 'Beware Of The Inside The Beltway Types; Trump Has To Hire A Staff Loyal To His Policy Views' - November 14, 2016
Download Ed Rollins: 'The Trump Movement Is The Greatest Upset In American Politics' - November 09, 2016
Download DiGenova: 'Lynch Is Politically Corrupt; Gives Sophomoric Explanations Of What Happened to The Clinton Email Scandal' - October 31, 2016