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Download VA State Senator: "Politicians have to be willing to defend their positions to the people they represent" - April 17, 2014
Download Ed Henry: Is pressure from VA primary forcing Cantor to act like he has a stronger stance on immigration than he does? - April 17, 2014
Download Lemon mocks the left's casual charges of racism: "I had to get Al Sharpton's permission to come on your show" - April 16, 2014
Download Taylor Griffin on his stance on immigration: "I don't want to put myself in boxes" - April 15, 2014
Download Laura strikes back at PolitiFact-- ObamaCare means less people in the workforce - April 14, 2014
Download Rep. Louie Gohmert reacts to Eric Holder's decision to play the race card - April 11, 2014
Download Range War? Cliven Bundy, "the last rancher in Clark County" takes on the Federal Gov - April 10, 2014
Download Are we seeing a moral degradation of our society? What's to blame? - April 09, 2014
Download Jeb/Hillary 2016! Because the Establishment needs a dedicated voice. - April 08, 2014
Download Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL): "Racking up Frequent Flyer miles is the only thing John Kerry has accomplished as Sec. of State" - April 07, 2014
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