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Download Larry Sabato: 'It's Time For Nancy Pelosi To Go; The Congress & Senate Has Become A Nursing Home' - June 23, 2017
Download Jeremy Peters: 'There Are Plenty of People Around Trump Saying 'No Mr. President' But He Doesn't Listen & It Has Worked Out Well' - June 23, 2017
Download Reagan Historian: 'The Press Briefings are a Shooting Gallery & Full of Gotcha Questions for Spicer' - June 22, 2017
Download Tom Fitton: 'Mueller's Special Counsel Was Corrupted The Day He Spoke to Comey; Only Appointing Democratic Donors' - June 22, 2017
Download Roger Stone: 'Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein Have All Worked for the Bush's & Clinton's; That Tells You Everything & Trump Should Fire Them' - June 22, 2017
Download Sean Spicer: The Press Is More Focused On Getting Their Clip on YouTube or Their Claim to Fame; The Snarkiness By The Media Is Incredible' - June 21, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'Sen. McConnell & Speaker Ryan Are Deliberately Slow Walking President Trump's Legislation & Agenda' - June 21, 2017
Download Gordon Chang: 'The Chinese Have NOT Done Enough To Halt North Korea; We Have To Enforce U.S. Law on China, Only Way To Implement Pressure' - June 20, 2017
Download Fmr. CIA Officer: 'Comey Should NOT Have Leaked His Memos & Showed Bad Judgment; He Knew The Notes Would Lead to a Special Counsel' - June 19, 2017
Download Andy McCarthy: 'Completely Unnecessary For AG Sessions To Recuse Himself; The Comey Testimony Would Have Never Happened' - June 19, 2017