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Download Gov. Christie: It's Good To See That The Left Is Defending The Rich - April 15, 2015
Download Ed Henry: When Will Hillary Start Talking to the Press? - April 15, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: "Jeb bush is dead wrong on CommonCore and immigration reform." - April 14, 2015
Download Krauthammer: "The thought of a new reformed Hillary is a joke." - April 14, 2015
Download Joe Guzzardi: The bottom line: more foreign workers to flood the labor market and further depress wages - April 13, 2015
Download Senator John Thune of South Dakota with guest host John Hinkeraker - April 09, 2015
Download Jonah Goldberg of National Review Online with guest host John Hinkeraker - April 09, 2015
Download AFP President Tim Phillips: "Harry Reid is one of the biggest embarrassments to serve in U.S. Senate." - April 02, 2015
Download Craig Shirley: Jeb Bush's Life Story: Can It Connect With Voters? - April 02, 2015
Download Donald Trump: "I think Hillary and Jeb both have problems. I don't know if either will be the candidate." - April 01, 2015
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