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Download Rand Paul:'I don't think Jeb Bush or his brother could win a general election, I don't think America wants a Bush or a Clinton.' - October 08, 2015
Download Dr. Carson: 'The people are looking for a candidate with real experience, it's a bad time to be a politician, not a good time for Jeb.' - October 07, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: 'I am at odds where the Koch brothers are on immigration; we have a system that has been out of control for too long.' - October 06, 2015
Download Rep. Walter Jones: 'Washington is controlled by money, it should be controlled by the will of the people, TPP is NOT for the American people.' - October 05, 2015
Download Pat Buchanan: Hits Rubio on Foreign Policy; Why TPP will hurt the American worker - October 05, 2015
Download Newt Gingrich: The consultancy class is at a loss when it comes to the three outsiders in the GOP presidential race. - October 02, 2015
Download Rep. Dan Webster: Can he take the votes from McCarthy to become the next Speaker? - October 02, 2015
Download Jeremy Peters: 'Voters believe Donald Trump smashes the political system, Trump cannot be bought, it's an incredibly powerful message.' - October 01, 2015
Download Amb. John Bolton: 'Putin wants to advance the Russian agenda, he knows the U.S. has a weak president after the Iran Deal.' - October 01, 2015
Download Larry Kudlow: 'Donald Trump has a better tax plan than Jeb Bush, he slashes the corporate tax rate down to 15%.' - September 30, 2015
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