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January 21, 2014 9:49 AM
Wendy Davis & the war against facts
Posted by Staff
Now we know that the woman who Democrats crowned as their savior in Texas, gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis, fudged her bio—specifically the narrative about being a struggling, 19 year-old, divorced single mom living in a trailer park. She wasn’t divorced and the stint in the trailer park short-lived. Oh, and this stalwart example of self-sufficiency, grit and hard work, allowed husband #2 to pay her college tuition (he sold is 401(k) to do it, then she divorced him. He now has full custody of their youngest child. Not as cool a narrative as Wendy first let on. But why is anyone surprised? Liberals love anointing progressive warriors, regardless of whether their backgrounds really don’t match the hype. Think about Sandra Fluke, who far from being an aggrieved 23 year-old student, was in reality a 30 year-old left-wing reproductive rights activist. And Barack Obama himself wrote a memoir where girlfriends were really composites. In other words—fictionalized accounts sold as truth. These personal narratives are endlessly marketed to the public to engender empathy, support. The more sympathetic or moving the personal biography, the more likely regular folks will forget about—or ignore altogether—the fact that the underlying policies don’t work. Wendy Davis is a left-wing activist with a better haircut and cute pink sneakers; her rise to stardom a meticulously choreographed production (until reporters did a little digging, that is). But just like with Obamacare, you can only go so far with PR and razzle dazzle. Eventually, the truth comes out. Facebook Fark Furl
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