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January 21, 2014
Seahawks' Sherman delivers referendum on sportsmanship, race
Posted by Staff

The Seattle Times:

In a forum normally reserved for banality, Richard Sherman unleashed a lightning bolt of honesty, audacity and controversy.

And suddenly, the Super Bowl had a custom-built sideshow, conveniently delivered right on time to enliven the dead week before the teams arrive in New York.

Sherman’s eyes were on fire during the walkoff television interview after the Seahawks’ NFC title game victory. His words dripped with pure emotion as he responded to sideline reporter Erin Andrews’ innocuous question with a stunning mix of self-aggrandizement and petty grudge-venting.

So surprised were FOX producers that rather than milk this moment of riveting television theater, they cut the interview short, apparently out of fear that an unbridled Sherman might utter a profanity.

It was raw. It was real. And, it appears, it was about to become a referendum on any number of issues that transcended the beautiful, game-clinching football play by Sherman that set it all into motion.


01/21/14 4:11 AM
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