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August 21, 2014 8:05 AM
Border Officials Say They Don't Know Who's Actually Crossing Into the U.S.: 'We're Struggling to Determine Who Is Really Who'
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The Blaze:

The same U.S. border sector that’s seen tens of thousands of Latin American immigrants illegally stream into the United States has also been the site of crossings by people from nations with links to terrorism, raising serious national security concerns among Border Patrol agents who say they are ill-equipped to handle them.

Border Patrol agents say they are unable to determine the true intentions or even the precise nationality of the “OTMs,” or “Other Than Mexicans,” frequently apprehended and then simply released into the United States, a Department of Homeland Security official said. Immigrants from China, India, Pakistan and Yemen have all been caught at the border.

Determining the true intent of those who purport to be seeking asylum has taken on a new urgency with Tuesday’s release of a video appearing to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley at the hands of Islamic State militants. U.S. and British intelligence agencies are scrambling to identify an Islamic State fighter in the video who speaks with British-accented English and threatens to kill a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff, a U.S. official told TheBlaze. Facebook Fark Furl
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