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November 1, 2013 5:28 AM
AP finally see the Obama razzle dazzle!
Posted by Staff
Better later than never?  The editors over at the Associated Press finally see that the Obama Administration has been playing them all along.  But what took them so long?  (Was it bias, laziness, inattention?)  For the past 7 years, the Obama handlers have been carefully guarding and burnishing his image by severely limiting media access (when was the last long interview on a Sunday show?),  granting interviews almost exclusively to friendly media (Entertainment Tonight, Univision), and releasing propaganda-style photos (always the human wallpaper backdrop).  Surely the AP was aware of how the Obama campaign toiled to bring grandeur to its inexperienced candidate in 2008 with masterful stage management.  Remember the giant styrofoam columns at the Denver DNC?  The doctors' coats that were distributed to physicians in the Rose Garden during the selling of Obamacare? The production was designed to create an illusion, transforming the first term Senator with no executive experience into a seasoned, popular leader in total command.  For most of his presidency the media have given Mr. Obama a pass for his failed policies and Gestapo-style White House image management. (Why so little coverage of the real White House power center--Valerie Jarrett?)  Who knows if more balanced and aggressive reporting during the past two presidential elections would have changed things, but I have an idea: the news media should not wait to do its job until after Hillary Clinton wins (gasp!) In 2016. Facebook Fark Furl
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