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Ingraham's ratings spike a wake-up for advertisers

Fox News Channel has figured out that if it caves to social media pressure and advertiser boycotts, it will soon have no shows left in its lineup. FNC's co-president, Jack Abernethy, recently provided a public statement in support of prime-time host Laura Ingraham, who tweeted an ill-advised insult about Florida high schooler David Hogg, a survivor of his school's mass shooting. That tweet sparked outrage on social media and a Hogg-inspired advertiser boycott of Ingraham's show.


Steve Moore: Manufacturers are bullish on the future and talking about expanding their operations as a result of the tax cut


Former Immigration Judge Art Arthur: Justice Gorsuch got it wrong on yesterday's SCOTUS decision, and so did the analysts

Laura Ingraham TV Ratings Experience Big Changes After Advertiser Boycott

The old saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity may apply to Fox News Channel anchor Laura Ingraham. Advertisers in droves began fleeing her political commentary show The Ingraham Angle, which airs weeknights at 10 p.m. Eastern on Fox News, after Ingraham got into a petty and well-publicized social media dispute with a prominent Parkland high school gun control advocate, for which she subsequently apologized. The student, David Hogg, had already tweeted out a list of Ingraham advertisers, however, and the rest is history. He also apparently declined to accept her apology.

The faithful B-52 breaks a Vietnam-era record

Just a reminder that the America's heavy lifting and hard work continues - far from the endless squawking and media hubbub in the nation's capital. The incredible B-52 just keeps on keeping on, and has shattered old performance records, according to a new Air Force report. Keep in mind that various models of Boeing's B-52 have been in service since 1955. The B-52 H model, which is currently in use, first went into service 57 years ago.


Rassmussen's Fran Coombs: We stand behind our polls 100%

Rebekah's Angels

Change a child's story suffering from PTSD. Rebekah's Angels was founded to provide financial assistance to children with PTSD due to trauma. Through an extensive application process, we will evaluate each individual need, and finance therapy treatments. Rebekah's Angels believes that with every new day, comes new hope for children suffering from PTSD.

Why rescission is a must

Conservatives are horrified by the staggering $21 trillion in debt as well as the trillion dollar deficits we are running each year as a result of the latest omnibus bill and spending trajectory. Last month, my office's phones were ringing off the hook with constituents dismayed that Washington is once again dramatically growing the size of government and their kids' debt bill.


Rep. Luke Messer of Indiana stops by to talk about his new plan to stop sanctuary city funding


John Fund: 'Blue Wave' Midterm Predictions are Psychological Warfare on the Part of the Media, They Want to Convince GOP It's Over Before it Begins

Byron York: If James Comey talks to sell books, why not to Congress?

Fired FBI Director James Comey's bookselling campaign is well under way. ABC is leaking sensational tidbits from a five-hour interview Comey did with George Stephanopoulos, set to air in a prime-time special Sunday. A commercial for the show features Stephanopoulos revealing that Comey compared President Trump to a "mob boss."

Xi's Long March on American Democracy

Chinese President Xi Jinping is leading a Maoist Long March to achieve his dream of global power. Instead of retreating from Chiang Kai-shek's forces, as Mao Zedong did, Xi is instead retreating from the Chinese people's hopes for democratic reform, freedom of expression, protection of human rights, and economic liberalization. Xi is exporting his brand of colonialism with Chinese characteristics through soft power means, on a road toward achieving his hard power ends.

China treats US like a colony -- luckily, Trump is fighting back

Economist Paul Krugman predicted a global recession after President Trump was elected. He was wrong. Most economists predicted a British recession after the Brexit vote. They were wrong. Economists and journalists are now predicting dire economic consequences from Trump's tariffs on China. In several months, we will see that they are wrong too.

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