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Food for the Poor
Net neutrality has been repealed
President Trump 'cut the red tape' on Federal regulations
'Little Luke' Trump already following in his grandpa's footsteps
Driver at Charlottesville rally now facing first-degree murder charge
It's National Bill of Rights Day, someone remind the
Democrats to read it
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Brazilian police foil million-dollar fraud to export precious wood to China

Two Chinese entrepreneurs paid millions of dollars to a Brazilian company that bribed environment officials of an Amazon state to illegally export precious hardwoods to China. But in a rare success against rising deforestation in the Amazon, Brazilian police and prosecutors were able to stop the scheme before exports started in earnest and said they saved the state from $30m worth of potential environmental damage.


Female LI Listeners Speak Out About #MeToo Movement

Bring Christmas cheer to 6,000 Veterans This Season!

Recently I stopped by a nearby physical therapy company to say hello to its staff who helped my recovery from a badly broken foot. There I was introduced to Jason, a recent hire, with seven years of prior experience working with World War II veterans at a retirement home in Vineland, New Jersey. When asked, he described how these veterans loved being entertained during the Christmas holidays by volunteer musicians in the singing of carols or songs from their war days and receiving books with lots of illustrations.


Roger Stone on Omarosa: She's not a conservative, doesn't understand the Trump agenda; She's Angry Over Her Firing

Let Mueller Keep Digging

The special counsel's team raises questions about its own fairness and impartiality.
At a moment when the special counsel's team is busy calling its own fairness and impartiality into question, why would Donald Trump even think of firing Robert Mueller?

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