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  • Helgi Walker - White Collar Attorney; Partner in the Washington, DC office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher; Former Associate Counsel to President George Bush; Former clerk for Justice Thomas.
  • Sol Wisenberg - White Collar Attorney, Partner in the Washington, DC office of Nelson Mullins, Deputy Independent Counsel in the Whitewater Investigation
  • Mercedes Schlapp - White House Director of Strategic Communications
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Ken Starr: Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Would be A Profound Injustice

The Ghosts of Obama's Operation Choke Point

The Constitution stands as a bulwark against the widest affronts to individual rights. Whenever government powers are expanded, individual rights are diminished, and it is the Constitution, protecting us from our own best intentions, that is supposed to stand in the way of such expansions of government power. This is aggravating to some-people who get frustrated with the Constitution's "arcane" views on free speech or property rights-or the rights to self-defense and to keep and bear arms, and they work hard at ways to try and sidestep the Constitution's protections.


Heather MacDonald on her new book The Diversity Delusion: Being a Woman Is Not an Accomplishment, We Are Heading Toward Quota Based Hiring Rather Than Merit Based


Lindsey Graham: This President is Doing Everything We've Asked Him and Then Some to Prepare for Hurricane Florence


Newt Gingrich: In Some Ways There is a Presidential Establishment, and that's why the Bushes See Themselves in Some Ways Closer to the Clintons and the Obamas


Rio Grande Sector Border Chief: There is a Convergence of the threat categorically between drug cartels and MS-13


Kevin McCarthy: That Wall is Gonna Get Built, and in California it's Already Being built


9/11 First Responder Tim Brown: Scarborough's Op-Ed Suggesting Trump is More Dangerous to America than 9/11 is Insulting to me and all first responders and their families.

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