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Dems block vote to revoke citizenship
for American jihadis
Biden: "The people who come to America are the people who have the most courage."
hammering the American middle class with their open border fanaticism.
September 18: Scotland's Dependence Day
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Dems block vote to revoke citizenship
for American jihadis
Dems block vote to revoke citizenship
for American jihadis
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Now the concerned whispers are becoming audible groans. Turns out after premature high-fiving in certain Republican circles, the GOP just may be on the verge of blowing its opportunity to take control of the U.S. Senate in November. A few of us have been warning for months that unless the GOP responded smartly to the huge public outcry over the border surge, it would miss a chance to energize disaffected voters. We also urged our friends in the Establishment that they shouldn't take their primary victories against more conservative candidates as a sign that they could "play it safe" during the campaign...   MORE
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Charles Krauthammer
Michelle Malkin
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Jeff OlsonMechanic saves baby's life after getting cellphone...Read More
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Lie of the Day
Civilization as we know it today would be in jeopardy if Republicans win the Senate.
- Nancy Pelosi
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chris aubrey ‏ (@pbrdrnkr) on Wed, August 13, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle POTUS made a statement about tragedy in St. LOUIS where is statement about our Marine held in Mexico #bringourMarinehome
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Do you think Scotland was made the right call in voting to stay in the UK?
Yes, economically it would have been disastrous for them to leave.
No, I stand with William Wallace!.
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