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Obama gives the Medal of Freedom
to some of his liberal donors
A Dozen Refugees in U.S. Connected
to Terrorism Just This Year
Putin Warns Turkey It Will Face 'Serious
Consequences' After Shooting Down Plane
Sanders: Obamacare for illegal immigrants
Scandal: US Analysts Allege Political
Manipulation of ISIS Intel, Cover-Up
Cruz Catching Up to Trump After
Passionate Anti-Terror Rhetoric
'Progressive' Hillary Skips Forum With
One of Nation's Largest Progressive Groups
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Obama gives the Medal of Freedom
to some of his liberal donors
Obama gives the Medal of Freedom
to some of his liberal donors
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On today's program, Larry Kudlow addressed secret cabals intended to pool resources...   MORE
Monday on The Laura Ingraham Show, Mary Mayhew, Health and Human Services Commissioner...   MORE
And so it begins. The Washington Kabuki Theater...   MORE
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Victor Davis Hanson
Philip Bump
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WND.com: Trump: 'Is our president insane?'
A Donald Trump-Ted Cruz 2016 ticket? Republican...
CBS News: Donald Trump on Syrian refugees:...
The Hill: Trump names Cruz when asked about...
Washington Examiner: Trump: Rubio's 'pathetically...
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The Jebbernaut
Things are bad and getting worse for Jeb Bush. Just look at this chart Since early 2014, The Washington Post and ABC News have been polling on the 2016 Republican presidential race. (Let's save the "it's too early to poll!!" thing for another day, shall we?) At no point in those two years has Jeb Bush ever been in as bad a shape as he is in the new Post-ABC poll released Sunday.
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Art and Soul
"Catching up on Sleep" Over the Weekend Could be Bad For Your Health, Study
More than 30 'White Student Union' creations in week
UCSC student gov't votes to divest from Israel, forces Jewish rep. to abstain
Student who questioned 'consent' workshops driven from campus
Obama's VA issues BAN on Christmas trees
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Lie of the Day
People understand that refugees who end up in the United States are the most vetted, scrutinized, thoroughly investigated individuals that ever arrived on American shores
- Obama
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Tweet of the Day
Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) on Wed, Nov 11, 2015:
.@TuckerCarlson: @JebBush knows he will not be the nominee; now he's moving to a kamikaze approach on @marcorubio & it doesn't help the party
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Regardless of your own preference, which candidate might gain support because of the recent wave of terror attacks?
Trump, due to his tough talk
Rubio, foreign affairs expertise
Clinton, experience on the world stage
Graham, a military guy and foreign policy ace
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Hillsdale College - Nov 2015
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Friends in Low Places: Garth Brooks
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