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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
  • Hours 1-3:
    Laura disgusted with Democrats' manipulative emotional ploys
    Laura disgusted with Democrats' manipulative emotional ploys

    Laura attacked Congressional Democrats and Obama for bringing victims of gun violence and illegal immigrants as guests to the State of the Union. "This is an empty gesture meant to manipulate you," Laura retorted. "What about the people killed by illegal immigrants? What about the unborn children that were aborted? Don't they deserve a vote?"

  • Hours 1-3:
    Gov. Bob McDonnell: Obama's economic proposals aren't serious
    Gov. Bob McDonnell: Obama's economic proposals aren't serious

    Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) was disappointed with Obama's lack of actual accomplishments when trying to address economic issues. "He just isn't serious on deficit reduction and tax reform," McDonnell stated. "He couldn't even get a budget out of his four years with a Harry Reid controlled congress." When asked about what Republicans need to do to get better election results, McDonnell had this to say: "Our message is good, we have to be happy warriors and give a positive message. If we do that we will win elections. Young people want less student debt and a job. Republicans can provide these solutions: the President hasn't."

  • Hours 1-3:
    Sen. Mitch McConnell unimpressed by State of the Union
    Sen. Mitch McConnell unimpressed by State of the Union

    Later on the show, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) the Senate Minority Leader, slammed Obama's "pedestrian" speech. "It was straight liberal orthodoxy and nothing more," he said. The senator went on to discuss Obama's poor record and asserted that continuing his economic policies would not help to fix America's problems. "This president has added 6.5 trillion dollars to the deficit. The reason we have such a small growth rate is because of this massive spending and borrowing..." When Laura asked for his reaction to Rubio's speech, however, McConnell gave a glowing review. "I thought it was terrific. Upbeat, optimistic, reminding everyone what made America great. I think Marco is the best communicator we've had since Ronald Reagan."

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