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Monday, February 4, 2013
  • Hours 1-3:
    Laura derides President Obama's dismissal of the economy
    Laura derides President Obama's dismissal of the economy

    "He has now spent more time analyzing the hard hits of football than he has spent analyzing the falling GDP numbers... This whole economy thing is not interesting to him. To him, it is an annoyance," Laura said.

  • Hours 1-3:
    Santorum skeptical of proposed immigration reform
    Santorum skeptical of proposed immigration reform

    On the show today, former Senator Rick Santorum's advice to Sen. Marco Rubio and other Republicans was to be "very careful" when working with the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Dick Durbin. "That is a very dangerous group you [Rubio] are working with," Santorum advised. Those senators are only interested in bringing about "Republican capitulation" on issues and not finding common ground or making moderate reforms.

    Santorum concerned about the future of the Boy Scouts

    Santorum also discussed his concern over what he sees as outside groups pressuring the Boy Scouts of America into changing its core tenants. "The Boy Scouts may not be able to survive American culture," Santorum maintained. CEO's of big companies are trying to "placate" the left by providing financial contributions to the Boy Scouts to pressure the organization into adopting politically correct policies.

  • Hours 1-3:
    Kyle Duncan of the Becket Fund: HHS mandate still a threat to businesses
    Kyle Duncan of the Becket Fund: HHS mandate still a threat to businesses

    Later in the show, Becket Fund lawyer Kyle Duncan explained how Obamacare will force business owners to abandon their religious principles by forcing them to provide insurance covering contraceptives and abortifacients. "Don't make us pay for them [abortifacients] and facilitate things which our religious principles say we cannot facilitate," Duncan argued. Laura was incredulous as well. "How can business owners live out their faith with these kinds of government mandates?" she asked.

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