Thursday, January 17, 2013
  • Hours 1-3:
    Republicans to rebuild or retreat?
    Laura: "House Republicans are huddled in Williamsburg, Virginia on their annual three-day retreat to discuss strategy, policy and party renewal. Given how the GOP base is feeling about Congress post-election, I might have picked a word other than 'retreat.'"

  • Hours 1-3:
    Tucker Carlson hits ineffective conservative
    "There are lots of great people in the GOP, but also a ton of losers who are inarticulate," he charged in a blunt assessment of where the party stands. The Daily Caller editor also took umbrage with Washington's "conservative non-profits," which he claimed have accomplished nothing of consequence in the past 30 years.

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  • Hours 1-3:
    GOP rising star Ted Cruz: Obama has
    Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) made his show debut, and had harsh words for President Obama's White House "gun show." "This is a president who has drunk the Kool-Aid." Sen. Cruz said, "He is feeling high on his own power." Predicting that the 2014 midterms would look a lot like 2010, the freshman standout contends that the president's move against guns is a colossal miscalculation. He supports colleague Rand Paul's legislation that would prohibit Mr. Obama's Executive Orders from going into effect. Cruz also dismissed the significance of a new poll showing that support for the Tea Party had fallen dramatically, insisting that this was still a "center-right" country. "As Mark Twain famously put it, I think rumors of the Tea Party's death are greatly exaggerated."

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