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Monday, November 26, 2012
  • Hour 1:
    Black Friday becomes a 'shopping maul'
    Black Friday becomes a 'shopping maul'

    Black Friday has lived up to its name, with report after report of crimes, craziness, and catastrophes. In many malls, riots and fights broke out between fanatical shoppers trying to take advantage of the deals. If you missed the madness, take heart: today's Cyber Monday, the biggest day for online shopping. Throw in Black Thursday and Small Business Saturday, and soon we'll have an entire week devoted to nothing but mindless consumerism.

    American for Tax Reform's Grover Norquist came on the show to hit back at some Republicans who are thinking about raising taxes. Norquist debated Rep. Peter King and Sen. Saxby Chambliss's notion that their pledge to raise taxes only counted for one term, saying a promise to constituents was a permanent one. He also rebuked Senators Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker for trying to trade tax increases for entitlement reform, noting that Democrats would never accept any real spending reform.

  • Hour 2:
    GOP needs to stand firm, not bend
    GOP needs to stand firm, not bend

    It's been less than a month than the election, but already many Republican lawmakers are bending to the Democrats' will. Many high-profile Republicans have said that they are now open to allowing tax increases, such as Senators Lindsey Graham and Bob Corker. But John McCain takes the cake with his dual plea to adopt amnesty and stop talking about abortion.

    The Washington Examiner's Byron York came on the show to dispel the myth that Hispanic voters were the reason Romney lost the election. York noted that even with an overwhelming support of the Hispanic community, Romney still would have lost key states. He disputed the notion that Hispanics are "natural Republicans", noting that 2/3rds of Hispanics called themselves pro-choice in the exit polls. Immigration wasn't even their greatest concern during the election; like all Americans, most Hispanics voted based on the economy.

  • Hour 3:
    Honest Abe, meet Dishonest Barack
    Honest Abe, meet Dishonest Barack

    With Steven Spielberg's Lincoln a critical and box office hit, many in the media took the opportunity to compare the greatest Republican president of all time to... President Obama. The political class is using the film to argue that just as Lincoln used dirty tricks to pass the Thirteenth Amendment, Obama should do the same with the fiscal cliff. Is anyone surprised to learn that Spielberg coordinated with Messina during the 2008 election?

    Executive Director of Net Coalition Markham Erickson came on the show to discuss the abysmal lack of protection of Internet communications under current law. Erickson explained to listeners that under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, federal investigators do not need a warrant to read emails older than 180 days. What's worse, the government doesn't even need to inform you they are looking into your old emails! All Laura fans should give their Senators a call at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to change ECPA to require warrants to read your email!

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