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Wednesday, August 8, 2012
  • Hour 1:
    VP speculation reaches a fever pitch
    VP speculation reaches a fever pitch

    As the Republican National Convention approaches, the media is abuzz about who Romney's vice presidential pick will be, and when he will announce it. We heard from listeners who all had their own ideas for who Mitt Romney should pick. Listeners suggested Marco Rubio and Col. Allen West but dark horse candidate Condoleezza Rice managed to get the most votes!

    Editor of The Daily Caller Tucker Carlson joined the show to discuss the shocking allegations his website published. He told Laura that the White House illegally acted during the auto bailout to do away with pensions for nonunionized Delphi workers. Meanwhile, unionized employees had their pensions bolstered. Tucker also revealed his personal prediction for Romney's VP pick; Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

  • Hour 2:
    New anti-Romney ad is sick
    New anti-Romney ad is sick

    Just when you think the conduct of liberals can't possibly shock you anymore, they always manage to prove you wrong. A new ad from a pro-Obama super PAC features a former employee of a Bain-owned company blaming Romney for his wife's terminal cancer. Yes, Romney is now supposedly responsible for a stranger's cancer. There's only one cancer we should be discussing this election season, and that's the growing cancer of detestable, unfounded smears against Mitt Romney.

    Laura had Reagan economist Dr. Arthur Laffer on the show to discuss the failure of Obama's economic policies. Dr. Laffer maintained that he hardly believes there's a single serious economist that believes Obama's stimulus packages were effective. He told Laura we're in the midst of the worst recovery in US history. The only thing keeping this Great Recession from becoming a Great Depression is that Obama hasn't been able to enact the sweeping tax increases he craves.

  • Hour 3:
    Obama's America is a crippled America
    Obama's America is a crippled America

    In the third hour, conservative author Dinesh D'Souza came on the show to discuss his newest project, a documentary film entitled 2016: Obama's America. Dinesh told Laura that he had the idea for the film after seeing how Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 changed the conversation during the 2004 election. The film investigates Obama's past in a way the mainstream media never has, and uses the information to extrapolate his vision for the future.

    Dinesh told Laura that Barack Obama's father was a hardened socialist who despised Western nations for their colonialism. Barack Obama inherited his anger and ideology, which Obama expresses through his rejection of American exceptionalism and his stranglehold on the economy. Unless voters reject Barack Obama in 2012, the decline of America will be complete

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