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December 12 2017
Steve Flowers
Alabama Political Reporter, Historian, and author of weekly syndicated column Inside the State House, appearing in 66 Alabama newspapers statewide
December 12 2017
Rep. Mo Brooks
Alabama Congressman (R-5)
December 12 2017
Julie Gunlock
Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, parenting columnist and author of From Cupcakes to Chemicals (2013).
December 11 2017
Pat Buchanan
Conservative commentator, columnist and author
December 11 2017
Dr. Sebastian Gorka
Author of NY Times Bestseller Defeating Jihad and former strategist to President Trump
December 11 2017
Michael Farris
President, CEO and general counsel of Alliance for Defending Freedom
December 11 2017
Ralph Reed
Founder and Chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition
December 08 2017
John Fund
National Affairs columnist for National Review
December 08 2017
Rep. Jim Jordan
R-OH, House Freedom Caucus Member
December 08 2017
Don Kinzler
Lifelong Gardener & Gardening Blogger, former Greenhouse Owner and horticulturist at North Dakota State University