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June 22 2017
Roger Stone
Political Consultant, Lobbyist, & Strategist; usually for candidates of the Republican Party.
June 22 2017
Tom Fitton
Author, Conservative Activist & Judicial Watch President
June 22 2017
Politically Conservative Street Artist in Los Angeles & Former U.S. Marine
June 21 2017
Pat Buchanan
Author, columnist, and political commentator; Adviser for Nixon & Reagan
June 21 2017
Sean Spicer
White House Press Secretary
June 21 2017
Larry Kudlow
Economic analyst, radio and television personality, columnist and commentator
June 21 2017
Peter Beinart
Contributing editor at The Atlantic & Associate professor of journalism/political science at the City University of New York
June 20 2017
Gordon Chang
Columnist, commentator, author, and foreign policy expert on China and North Korea
June 20 2017
Judge Napolitano
Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst
June 20 2017
Scott M. Marshall
Georgia-based author of Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life