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July 14 2017
Alan Dershowitz
Lawyer, Jurist & Author; Fmr. Harvard Law Professor
July 14 2017
Tucker Carlson
Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel
July 14 2017
Brad Thor
American thriller novelist, media commentator and former member of the DHS Red Cell Unit
July 14 2017
Mike Rowe
Actor and TV host of Dirty Jobs and Somebody's Gotta Do It; host of the weekly podcast The Way I Heard It
July 13 2017
Craig Shirley
Author, Lecturer, Historian and Public Affairs Consultant.
July 13 2017
Sen. Rand Paul
U.S. Senator from Kentucky
July 13 2017
Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC)
Republican Study Committee Chairman
July 13 2017
Rep. Tom McClintock( R-CA)
Republican Study Committee Budget Chair
July 12 2017
Mark Halperin
Author and Senior Political Analyst at MSNBC & NBC News
July 12 2017
Bill McGurn
WSJ Columnist, author, former speechwriter for George W. Bush