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November 20 2017
Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent, Columnist for the Washington Examiner, and Fox News Contributor
November 20 2017
John Heubusch
Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, Author of The Shroud Conspiracy (Released March of 2017)
November 20 2017
Dr. Robert Melillo
Pediatric Neurologist, Author of Disconnected Kids (2015), and Creator of the new documentary web series: "Disconnected Kids, Reconnected Families" to help families reconnect in a world overstimulated with technology and other distractions.
November 15 2017
Greta Van Susteren
Former Television Reporter and Commentator, Author of Everything You Need to Know About Social Media (Without Having to Call a Kid), out November 14
November 15 2017
Rep. Jim Jordan
R-OH, Member of the House Freedom Caucus
November 15 2017
Michael Knight
Pastor at New Haven Church in Southside, AL
November 14 2017
Steve Flowers
Alabama political columnist, commentator, and historian
November 14 2017
Matt Rosendale (View Website)
Montana State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner, Republican Candidate for Senate in Montana, Endorsed by the Great Amercia Alliance
November 14 2017
Niger Innis
National Spokesman for the Congress on Racial Equality
November 13 2017
Stephen B. Presser
Raoul Berger Professor of Law Emeritus at Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law, and the author of Law Professors: Three Centuries of Shaping American Law