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September 27 2016
Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor.
September 27 2016
Doug Schoen
Former consultant to President Clinton, Fox News contributor, and author of Putin's Master Plan.
September 27 2016
Alan Dershowitz
Former professor of law at Harvard University, author of Electile Dysfunction.
September 27 2016
Kellyanne Conway
Campaign Manager for Republican Presidential Candidate Trump
September 26 2016
Allan Lichtman
Distinguished Professor in the Department of History at American University.
September 26 2016
Reince Priebus
Chairman of the Republican National Committee
September 26 2016
Stephen Moore
Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Trump economic advisor
September 26 2016
Pastor Amere May
Founder of Abundant Faith Word Church
September 23 2016
Sheriff David Clarke
Milwaukee County Sheriff
September 23 2016
Andy Stein
Former New York City Council President