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February 12 2016
Ruben Navarrette
Syndicated Columnist with Washington Post
February 12 2016
David Frum
Senior Editor at The Atlantic
February 12 2016
Doug Truax
Executive Director of Restoration PAC and Restoration Action
February 12 2016
Pat Buchanan
Conservative political commentator, author, syndicated columnist, politician and broadcaster.
February 12 2016
Joseph Fiennes
The lead actor of "Risen"
February 11 2016
Sean Davis
Co-Founder & Editor, The Federalist
February 11 2016
John Lott
President of Crime Prevention Research Center
February 11 2016
Elizabeth Bruenig
Staff Writer, the New Republic
February 10 2016
Jude Eden
Female Marine Iraq war vet, served in the combat zone
February 10 2016
Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent, Washington Examiner