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February 21 2017
Byron York
Washington Examiner Chief Political Correspondent, Fox News contributor.
February 21 2017
Andy McCarthy
Former Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney of New York and a contributing editor at National Review
February 21 2017
Pat Buchanan
Former Presidential candidate, former advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.
February 21 2017
Matt Schlapp
Chairman of the American Conservative Union, the organization that runs CPAC
February 17 2017
Rep. Peter King (R)
Represents New York's Second Congressional District.
February 17 2017
Amb. John Bolton
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.
February 17 2017
Brian Kilcommons
Founder of Great Pets, Esteemed Dog Trainer & Industry Spokesman.
February 17 2017
Kellyanne Conway
Counselor to President Donald Trump.
February 16 2017
Joel Rosenberg
Former advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu, Founder of the Joshua Fund, author of the forthcoming book Without Warning.
February 16 2017
Shirley Husar
California State Delegate for Trump; CEO of Urban Game Changer & Columnist for the Washington Times.