Obama goes on "rant" about Trump's populism
Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meet privately in Phoenix
Senator Mike Lee goes on anti Trump rant
New Rasmussen Poll: Trump leads Clinton by 5
Reid: Public should sue Rubio for Senate pay.... but not Sanders?
DOJ Using Taxpayer Money to Teach Agents and Lawyers
About Their Unknown Racism
Clinton On Benghazi Report: Yeah, Let's Just Move On, Folks
More Lies: Newly-Discovered Withheld Emails Highlight
Hillary's Unaccountability, Possible Perjury
Which one is creepier?
Weakness is dangerous
The Obama administration has extended their
radical school bathroom policies to national parks.
Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had Quite the Meeting
John Kerry Takes Heat for Saying ISIS is Desperate
Obama Rants Against Populism
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Blue Cross, Health Net drop Obamacare plans

Two major health insurance companies, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona and Health Net, will drop Affordable Care Act plans next year in Maricopa and Pinal counties, forcing tens of thousands of consumers to switch plans next year.

Who will show up? Who will pay? The many unknowns of the GOP convention.

Dozens of well-known Republicans aren't showing up. There's no word yet on who will speak. A growing number of corporate sponsors are taking a pass. Groups of white supremacists and other agitators are on the way, while the official protest routes are frantically being redrawn after being thrown out in court. And then there's the fight to dethrone the big star.

Obama rants about populism, Trump

President Obama went off on his own rant Wednesday at a trilateral press conference in which he disputed the idea that Donald Trump is a populist and that the presumptive GOP nominee instead promotes "nativism" or "xenophobia."

Poll: Trump pulls into lead

The tables have turned in this week's White House Watch. After trailing Hillary Clinton by five points for the prior two weeks, Donald Trump has now taken a four-point lead.

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Are We Sure the Islamic State Is Losing?

USA Today - James S. Robbins

If the airport bombings in Istanbul are a sign the Islamic State is losing, I'd hate to see what winning looks like. ISIL is being blamed for the bombing at the Istanbul Ataturk airport on Monday that killed 42 and wounded more than 230. Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday that the attack was not a sign of terrorist strength but of weakness.

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Email Story Won't End for Clinton

The Hill - Julian Hattern

The FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's email is this election's never-ending story. Just weeks before the Democratic National Convention, the FBI has yet to issue a report on its findings.

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GOP blue-collar heroes laud Trump

Washington Examiner - Byron York

The Washington Examiner's Jim Antle recently noted that despite talk of a Republican "consensus" on trade, "three runners-up for the Republican nomination who received strong conservative support - Pat Buchanan in 1996, Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012 - were to varying degrees protectionist." And that suggests the consensus isn't really as much of a consensus as some might think.

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Who's the Xenophobe Now?

Wall Street Journal - William McGurn

The blind are the legions of politicos, celebrities, pollsters and opinion leaders certain Britain would vote to remain inside the European Union.

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Why Obama couldn't stop the Brexit

Politico - Edward-Isaac Dovere

Turns out Barack Obama wasn't quite Britain's cup of tea. Despite an approval rating in the 80s in Britain when the president landed in London in April, the polling bump that the Remain campaign was counting on from Obama's endorsement didn't materialize.

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