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Obamacare is Still Raising Costs
and Breaking Promises
Bush campaign raffling off
ticket to Colbert debut
Over Donald Trump:
Deserved 'A Little More Respect'
NY Dem Rep. Carolyn Maloney
comes out against Iran Deal
Wealthy Democratic Fundraisers
Are Ready For Biden
Clinton compares GOP candidates
to terrorists over women's health
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump to Team Up
for Rally Against Iran Deal
Yes, his hair is real.
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Obamacare is Still Raising Costs
and Breaking Promises
Obamacare is Still Raising Costs
and Breaking Promises
Shut Up And Blog
Today, Rick Santorum addressed Hillary Clinton's comments likening those who hold conservative views on abortion to "terrorist groups."   MORE
Donald Trump is taking heat after Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was escorted out of his press conference...   MORE
Read It or Weep
Keith Koffler
Keith Koffler
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CBS News: Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos find common...
Daily Caller: Trump Compares Selling Baby...
Washington Post: Yet another truce in the...
NY Daily News: Donald Trump ends feud with...
Mediaite: Trump to Ingraham: 'I Actually...
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The Jebbernaut
Jeb, Get Ahold of Yourself! Despite what you may have read or watched or come across in a fortune cookie, Donald Trump isn't actually running away with the Republican nomination, and the only thing he's "dominating" right now is media coverage. Here's some perspective for you: As late as October 2011, a pizza magnate named Herman Cain was leading the Republican field with roughly 30 percent of the vote, or about the same as Trump's zenith in recent polls.
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Art and Soul
Transgender porn growing in popularity
Music to the Candidates' Ears
Teens Are Getting Back-to-School Plastic Surgery
Survey: Boundaries shift in the U.S. on what cellphone use is rude
How to tell if you're a 'mobile addict'..280 million 'mobile addicts' globally...
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Lie of the Day
[Republicans] espouse out of date, out of touch policies. They are dead wrong for 21st century America.
- Hillary Clinton
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Tweet of the Day
Bob Costa (@costareports) on Mon, Aug 24, 2015:
@realDonaldTrump is drawing people that are not interested in politics, these are people that haven't voted in 10 years.
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Do you think Jorge Ramos deserved more respect from Donald Trump?
Yes, Ramos should have been allowed to remain in the press conference.
No, Ramos got what he deserved for grandstanding at the event.
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