Poll: Trump opens biggest lead over Clinton
Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS
Obama Jokes, Laughs While Discussing Deadly Munich Attack
Hey, Why Not? Hillary Clinton Hires Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Clinton on Benghazi: Security was not 'my ball to carry'
Obama Administration Admits Iran
is Harboring top Al Qaeda Leaders
Bernie Supporter: I Might Vote For Trump,
I'll Never Vote For Hillary
Sanders backers still refuse to quit
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Trump, Clinton, & Obama: A Matter of Degree

Many have weighed in on whether Donald Trump's agendas - to the extent that they are different from what are now ratified Republican policies - are crackpot, unworkable, or radical: e.g., building a wall to enhance border enforcement ("And make Mexico pay for it!"), renegotiating trade deals with China, promoting Jacksonian nationalism rather than ecumenical internationalism, suspending immigration from Middle East war zones (after Trump dropped his call for complete Muslim exclusion), and disparaging an Eastern-corridor elite that derives privilege from the intersection of big politics, money, and the media.

Democrats Divided, a party split in two

Many commentators, watching the two party's conventions, have noted that Democrats and Republicans seemed to describing different countries. But if you listened carefully last night, you heard two groups of Democrats describing different countries too.

Why Bernie supporters are angry

As the Democratic Convention opened in Philadelphia on Monday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the controversial former head of the Democratic National Committee, had virtually disappeared from the proceedings. But there was still a lot of antagonism between some of Bernie Sanders's supporters and the Party establishment, and it was threatening to disrupt the Democrats' effort to produce a carefully coördinated show of unity.

Lie of the Day

Donald Trump said he was excited for the 2008 housing crash that devastated millions of American families, because he thought it would help him scoop up more real estate on the cheap.

- Elizabeth Warren, July 26, 2016

Media Ignores Chaos at DNC

Although the media at large relished the chance to jump all over any sign of chaos or disunity at last week's Republican National Convention in Cleveland, these same news outlets are showing a marked reluctance in gloating over this week's thundering discord at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Hillary's Post-Legal Society

If President Obama has set the country on a course toward a new, more imperial presidency - supported by an activist Supreme Court that makes legislation rather than judge its constitutionality - a Hillary Clinton presidency will make Obama's presidency look like an exercise in laissez-faire government by comparison.

'Ignore' Your Family, Children for Hillary!

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken took the #ImWithHer slogan to a new level Monday night and essentially encouraged parents to ditch their children and their families in order to support Hillary Clinton during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Ted Should be More Like Bernie

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders's speech Monday to assembled pledged delegates and supporters provoked some loud dissent - but for the complete opposite reason Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was booed at the Republican Convention last Wednesday.

The Press really can't let them get away with this

So Hillary is opposing TPP, and Obama is supporting it. The Press should force Obama to say whether he intends to press TPP after the election. And then they should force Hillary to say that if she is elected, and TPP passes after the election, then she will withdraw the United States from TPP.

2016 Presidential Race

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