Hillary knows her biased moderator helped her out big time last night.
Giuliani: Trump shouldn't go to any more debates
Charlotte protestors demand mayor's resignation
California man convicted as would-be ISIS
recruit gets 30 years in prison.
Numerous polls declare Trump the winner
of the first Presidential debate
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  • Byron York - Chief Political Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, Fox News contributor.
  • Kellyanne Conway - Campaign Manager for Republican Presidential Candidate Trump
  • Doug Schoen - Former consultant to President Clinton, Fox News contributor, and author of Putin's Master Plan.
  • Alan Dershowitz - Former professor of law at Harvard University, author of Electile Dysfunction.
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Lie of the Day

I did say I hoped [the TPP] would be a good deal.

- Hillary Clinton, denying she called TPP the gold standard.


Allan Lichtman: 'Big Dilemma For Hillary Clinton On Economy'


Ben Crenshaw: 'America Has Lost Their Traditional Way; 'The King' Of Golf Will Truly Be Missed'

Mall shooter in Washington was a permanent resident from Turkey

A suspected gunman believed to have killed five people at a Washington state mall was arrested Saturday, according to authorities. At a news conference, officials said they had not ruled out any possible motives for why 20-year-old Arcan Cetin allegedly shot four women and one man at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday evening.

Lie of the Day

The Republicans in the House side are selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making Hillary look bad.

- Robby Mook

Man walking on street of Chicago shot in chest

A man was shot late Thursday in the Heart of Chicago on the Lower West Side. About 11:32 p.m., the 23-year-old was walking on the sidewalk in the 1800 block of West 21st Street when he heard shots and realized he'd been hit, according to Chicago Police.

Lie of the Day

Why aren't I 50 points ahead?

- Hillary Clinton

Trump Debate Dos and Don'ts

Which Donald Trump will show up to Hofstra University on Monday night for the first presidential debate? The Oval Office may hinge on that question. Presidential debates always matter, but the stakes in this first Trump-Clinton faceoff are higher than most. Or at least they are for Mr. Trump. The billionaire's biggest problem is that Americans remain unsure about what they would get with a Trump presidency.

Lie of the Day

More than 10,000 now Syrian refugees that we've admitted into the country by this month have all been extremely and very stridently vetted.

- John Kirby, State Department spokesperson

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