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immigration staff, Becky Tallent:
The faces of immigration amnesty
Nation's Top High-Skilled Immig. Expert Says Facebook Is Plotting to Drive Down Wages
All selfies, no substance
Kanye pulls a Biden:
Insists Disabled Fans Stand Up
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immigration staff, Becky Tallent:
The faces of immigration amnesty
immigration staff, Becky Tallent:
The faces of immigration amnesty
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The GOP establishment never wanted to fight the culture wars, and so they conceded those issues to the Democrats. Now they find that they have to fight the culture wars anyway, because now the Dems are using these issues against them. Just another example of the GOP not being good at politics.

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Jeff OlsonMechanic saves baby's life after getting cellphone...Read More
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Clinton has already done more to get to the bottom [of what occurred in Benghazi] than any of the Republicans who will be attacking her in the coming weeks.
- David Brock
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chris aubrey ‏ (@pbrdrnkr) on Wed, August 13, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle POTUS made a statement about tragedy in St. LOUIS where is statement about our Marine held in Mexico #bringourMarinehome
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Should the USA be sending 3,000 troops to western Africa to help combat Ebola?
Yes, it is important the U.S. provides assistance to stop the spread of the disease.
No, the U.S. should focus its attention on securing its own borders and other domestic issues.
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