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Robert Randolph Joins Laura In Studio
Que bueno! GOP's CRomnibus bill funded Obama's new Cuba Policy
Whatever Chamber Wants... Chamber of Commerce Applauds Obama's Cuba Policy
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Robert Randolph Joins Laura In Studio
Robert Randolph Joins Laura In Studio
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This is the first time I can remember where a big entertainment company like Sony got burned by the forces of globalization and the rise of China. (Anyone who thinks that China's not somehow involved in this hacking hasn't been paying attention.) Up to this point, none of the coastal elites have been worried about what the world would look like once China was stronger than the United States. They've all been assuming that the loss of our Superpower status wouldn't affect them - that they could just go on making as much money and having as much fun as before, while the rest of us struggled.   MORE
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freedom Czar
Jonathan Gentryhas strong words about the Ferguson riots
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I think I could serve well as president, to be honest with you.'
- Jeb Bush
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Kate Svagdis (@svagdis) on Fri, December 12, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle @SpeakerBoehner oops @GOP forget Elephant stands for memory
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Do you think Christmas has become to commercialized?
Yes, our society is too materialistic and the true meaning has been lost.
No, it makes makes holiday season fun.
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