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Will Obama take action to protect the American people?
Obama names Ron Klain new "Ebola Czar"
Ebola discovered on Cruise Ship.
Can't Spell Love Boat without Ebola
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Will Obama take action to protect the American people?
Will Obama take action to protect the American people?
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Ron Klain has been tapped by the Obama administration as its new "Ebola Czar." While Ron doesn't have any medical or health care background, he does have an impressive political resume...
Klain has served as an aide to Vice President Biden, Al Gore, and Janet Reno. He was instrumental in the implementation of the 2009 stimulus bill. He served as the top lawyer on the Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee after the 2000 election, and worked as a lobbyist for companies like...
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We're in the early days of the execution of that strategy, but certainly, the early evidence indicates that this strategy is succeeding.
- Josh Earnest on ISIS
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Warren Williams ‏ (@HereServe) on Fri, October 10, 2014:
@IngrahamAngle Hope you feel better soon. It must be rough to do your radio show with scratchy throat. Get rest this wknd. Take careGodbless
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Should guest workers have green cards stapled to every Master's Degree?
Yes, guest workers are vital to our economy and job creation.
No, we should be helping American graduates get jobs instead.
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