Trump kicks off unprecedented Thank You Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio.
General James "Mad Dog" Mattis announced by
Trump as his Defense Secretary nominee.
Chris Christie looking at possible bid for GOP Chair
Obama lights the White House tree for the last time,
as the lights go out on his Party.
Levi's CEO asks patrons to leave their guns at home
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  • Gen. Keith Kellogg - Retired Lieutenant General, head of Trump's transition team for defense.
  • James Rosen - Fox News' Chief Washington Correspondent, author of A Torch Kept Lit.
  • Lee Habeeb - VP of Content at Salem Radio Network.
  • Dr. Meg Meeker - Pediatrician and author of many books on children's and teenage health.
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FLASHBACK: Obama mocks Trump's promise to keep plant in USA

In June, President Obama participated in a PBS townhall and was asked about Trump's promise to keep Carrier's Indiana plant in the U.S. The townhall participant -- Eric Cottonham, a member of the Steelworkers Union employed by Carrier -- asked Obama if anything could be done to stem the tide of jobs flowing out of the country, as Trump had recently promised to do.

Italy is the next in line to face a populist uprising

Italy's prime minister, Matteo Renzi, only 41, once seemed to have solved the riddle of how to survive Europe's populist, anti-establishment tempest. But with a critical national referendum on Sunday, the populist wave is now threatening to crush him and plunge Italy into a political crisis when the European Union is already reeling.

Lie of the Day

[Trump's] going to be the most domestic president we've had in at least 40 or 50 years, and he's going to do it in his pugilistic, narcissistic way.

- David Gergen


Investigator Bill Garcia: Extremely possible for beat-up white woman in southern California to be a victim of a hate-crime by Hispanics.

Lie of the Day

We come out of this leadership election united as Democrats to take on the challenges that we need moving forward.

- Rep. Tim Ryan (OH)

Lie of the Day

I hope...that we can pass a law that criminalizes flag burning and desecration.

- Hillary Clinton in 2006


Gingrich: 'You Have Never Seen The Sucking Up Before In Presidential History Coming From Romney'

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