Media runs wild with Trump's comments on former
Miss Universe, ignores the real war on women.
Former Gov. Howard Dean, a doctor, says
Trump is on cocaine, with no proof.
Giuliani, seeking to correct media narrative, reminds us of Lewinsky.
Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres dead at age 93.
Two Aleppo hospitals bombed in catastrophic airstrikes
in Aleppo, right after US and Russia agree to ceasefire
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  • Pat Buchanan - Former senior advisor to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan.
  • John Zmirak - Senior Editor of The Stream.
  • Craig Shirley - Esteemed Ronald Reagan biographer.
  • Donna Rice Hughes - CEO of Enough Is Enough
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Kathleen Willey: Clinton called me a bimbo; they have no room to talk.

Clinton device manager revealed in new FBI document dump

When Romanian hacker "Guccifer" breached Hillary Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal's email account in 2013, it set off an explosive chain of events among a tight circle of Clinton family aides - including one "confidential assistant" whose extensive role in managing some of the former secretary's mobile devices and computer security requests is only now becoming clear.

Lie of the Day

Something funny was going on with Trump tonight. Do I think it was cocaine? know, the sniffling, the grandiosity, the delusions, the pressured speech...this guy's already proven himself to be unstable.

- Howard Dean

Lie of the Day

I did say I hoped [the TPP] would be a good deal.

- Hillary Clinton, denying she called TPP the gold standard.


Allan Lichtman: 'Big Dilemma For Hillary Clinton On Economy'


Ben Crenshaw: 'America Has Lost Their Traditional Way; 'The King' Of Golf Will Truly Be Missed'

Mall shooter in Washington was a permanent resident from Turkey

A suspected gunman believed to have killed five people at a Washington state mall was arrested Saturday, according to authorities. At a news conference, officials said they had not ruled out any possible motives for why 20-year-old Arcan Cetin allegedly shot four women and one man at the Cascade Mall in Burlington Friday evening.

Lie of the Day

The Republicans in the House side are selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making Hillary look bad.

- Robby Mook

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