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Christie: Trump's Claims That 'Thousands' Cheered in NJ on 9/11 'Didn't Happen'
Trump has spent less than 1 percent as much as Jeb on TV ads
Obama and Putin Have Another Sideline Meeting
Classy: Climate Change Protesters Destroy
Memorial For Paris Terror Attack Victims
About Those 'Significant' Airstrikes on ISIS...
We Ran Out Of Ammo On One Of Them
State Department: Iran Never Signed Nuclear
Deal, Which Isn't 'Legally Binding'
Over 999 Emails With Classified Info
Illegal immigrants sue Oregon to obtain driver's licenses
Newly released Clinton emails contradict Benghazi
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Christie: Trump's Claims That 'Thousands' Cheered in NJ on 9/11 'Didn't Happen'
Christie: Trump's Claims That 'Thousands' Cheered in NJ on 9/11 'Didn't Happen'
Shut Up And Blog
Last week, Obama declared the climate change summit in Paris would be a "powerful rebuke" to terrorists.   MORE
Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, joined Laura Ingraham today to discuss his recent piece...   MORE
On today's program, border patrol agent Chris Cabrera, who also serves as Vice-President of Local 3307...   MORE
Read It or Weep
Sahil Kapur
William McGurn
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Washington Examiner: Fiorina: Terrorists...
Breitbart News: Fiorina: TPP Has 'Trap Doors'...
Fiorina: The TPP Is A 'Trap Door' For The...
The 15 must-read Clinton emails
Breitbart: Border Patrol Agent: Traffic 'Unseasonably'...
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The Jebbernaut
Herman Cain to Jeb Bush: 'At least I was once winning' To keep a positive spin on Jeb Bush's low standing in the polls - the latest national survey had him at 5% -- the former Florida governor has been drawing from history by repeatedly pointing out that Cain was once the Republican presidential front-runner in fall 2011, only to drop out before the end of the year amid controversy.
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Art and Soul
Generation Unhappy: We're plugged in and bummed out
Grab a Broom, Kids: This holiday season, our children's household help shouldn't be optional
When Boozing Goes 'Bust': Women, be aware of the cocktail-cancer connection
Tarantino 'HATEFUL EIGHT' Is 3 Hours!
Why the Paris Accords matter to America
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Lie of the Day
Mass shootings don't happen in other countries
- Obama in Paris
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Tweet of the Day
Carly Fiorina (@CarlyFiorina) on Tue, Dec 1, 2015:
The 5,000 page TPP deal does not serve the American interest; it makes no sense to lock this country down
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In some recent polls, terrorism and national security have overtaken the economy as the paramount issue for Americans. Where do you stand as a voter?
Jobs and the economy remain my priority
I will vote for whomever can keep us safe
My primary concerns involve cultural and religious issues
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