Trump Tops Clinton In New Rasmussen Poll
NBC/WSJ Poll: Trump Running Away with Indiana
Bernie Sanders' Climate Change Agenda Would
Actually Increase Carbon Emissions 'Dramatically'
USPS Survey Shows That The Entire Workforce Is Abjectly Miserable
Obamacare Premiums Could Rise By Double-Digits
Lindsey Graham: Lucifer could beat Trump in November
Poll: Ohioans Want Kasich To Leave The 2016 Race
With time running out, Ted Cruz makes stand in Indiana
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Trump 61, Cruz 22, Kasich 14

PPP's new West Virginia poll finds it's likely to just keep Donald Trump's recent streak of dominant victories right on going. Trump leads in the state with 61% to 22% for Ted Cruz and 14% for John Kasich. Trump, with a 67/24 favorability rating, is the only candidate GOP voters in the state even like. Both Kasich (32/50) and Cruz (32/53) come in with negative favorability ratings.

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#NeverTrump Crowd is Running Out of Steam -- and Time

Wendy Long - Lifezette

The #NeverTrump crowd is running out of steam - and time. All of its attacks - that he's as liberal as Hillary Clinton, anti-immigrant, or a con man who will say anything to be elected - have failed. But perhaps the most absurd criticism of the Trump Deniers is the argument that he would hurt Republicans "down ticket." In fact, the opposite is true.

Obama Deportation-43%

While the budget for deportations has grown substantially over the past four years, the number of actual removals has plummeted. A new chart and analysis from the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, details the extent to which taxpayers are paying more and more for fewer and fewer deportations.

The 'Border Keepers'

The border between the United States and Mexico is nearly 2,000 miles long. It passes through four states in the US, including California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Along this often remote and hostile line, federal border patrol agents are responsible for ensuring the security of the border on the United States's side.


Gov. Brewer 'Trump Got Cheated' in AZ Delegates, Calls for Re-Vote'


Chamber of Commerce vs. Conservatism: Indiana Sen. Primary Pits Marlin Stutzman's Grassroots Values Against Est.-Backed Todd Young

Poll: Trump Pops to lead over Clinton

Last week, Rasmussen Reports gave voters the option of staying home on Election Day if Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big party nominees, and six percent (6%) said that's what they intend to do for now. Clinton and Trump were tied with 38% support each; 16% said they would vote for some other candidate, and two percent (2%) were undecided.


Ken Cuccinelli: 'Cruz Is Closer To Trump On Immigration Than Sen. Graham'

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How Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton

Michael Walsh - NY Post

Absent an alien invasion, the zombie apocalypse or the sudden re-annexation of California by Mexico, Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for president. It's time to move on to the real question: Can he beat Hillary Clinton?

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Obama's Economy Is Bad; Clinton's Would Be Worse

Reince Priebus - Real Clear Politics

On Thursday we learned the American economy expanded at an anemic rate of just 0.5 percent in the first three months of the year. It was the worst showing in two years and the third straight quarterly decline in economic growth.

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