Trump to Democrats hurt by Hillary's policies:
"What do you have to lose? I will fix it"
Majority of private interests who met with Hillary
contributed to Clinton Foundation
Dozens dead after 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Italy
Bill Clinton says he will resign from Clinton Foundation
if Hillary is elected. Why the wait?
American University in Afghanistan attacked: Explosions heard
Biden Tells NATO Allies that Trump Doesn't Understand Treaty
(Joe doesn't either)
Expert Says Obamacare Might Be on the Brink of Total Collapse
State dept warns Americans not to travel to Iran
(because they will have to pay more ransom to free you)
FBI Found 15,000 More Work Related Emails Clinton Didn't Turn Over
Poll: 80 Percent Support For Voter ID Laws
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  • Ed Rollins - Senior Advisor, Teneo Strategy; Longtime Republican strategist & Reagan's former campaign director Seating Chair
  • Conrad Lucas - Chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party
  • Tucker Carlson - Editor, Daily Caller and Host of Fox & Friends Weekends
  • Mary Ann Mendoza - Son was murdered by an intoxicated illegal alien who was driving the wrong way down the highway.
  • Russ Cripps - Founder of Acacia Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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Obama Sneaking In More Syrian Refugees?

A discrepancy in statistics provided by the Department of Homeland Security has led an attorney for a Washington-based legal group to question whether administration officials are waiving Syrians into the United States by other means.

The Clinton Foundation's Star Soccer Player

Among the more provocative email exchanges involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides included in the latest batch released by Judicial Watch this week is an effort to help get a British soccer star into the United States.

Hillary and Huma Abedin peddle corruption

Huma Abedin must be a remarkable woman: She has held down four of the worst jobs in politics, several of them simultaneously: right hand to Hillary Rodham Clinton, fixer and patron-patronizer for the Clinton Foundation, an editor of a journal spawned by a major al-Qaeda financier, and wife to Anthony Weiner. Mrs. Carlos Danger has some explaining to do. So does Mrs. Clinton. More, in fact.

American University attacked in Afghanistan

The American University of Afghanistan came under militant attack on Wednesday, according to an Associated Press photographer who was in class at the time. Massoud Hossaini said he was in a classroom with 15 students when he heard an explosion on the southern flank of the campus.

Lie of the Day

When disasters strike, that is one of the few times where Washington tends to not get political


- Barack Obama

Read it or Weep

Trump Turned Down the NAACP's Invitation. Smart Move

Jason Riley - Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump is taking lumps for his clumsy and crude "What the hell do you have to lose?" black outreach effort. Black voters, until recently, seem to have been an afterthought for the Republican presidential nominee, who is much more focused on turning out the millions of white voters who supported John McCain in 2008 but stayed home when Mitt Romney ran four years later.

Read it or Weep

Clinton's Inescapable Cloud of Corruption

Lisa Boothe - Washington Examiner

While many in the media have declared the presidential election all but over, damning accusations of pay to play at the Clinton Foundation and reports that the FBI found 15,000 work-related documents that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over represent the political land mines that still lie between her and the presidency. Multiple ongoing Freedom of Information Act civil suits, perjury allegations, an IRS probe and alleged joint U.S. Attorney-FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation represent the inescapable cloud of corruption that could be the Democratic nominee's undoing.


Tucker Carlson: 'It's Not about Trump; It's about More Americans agreeing with him over Hillary'

WaPo: U.S. needs illegal immigrants for 'washing dishes,' 'mowing lawns'

An editorial in the Washington Post on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump's recent comments on restricting immigration and argued that people in the country illegally are needed for menial labor. The paper said Trump's call for a border wall and a "humane" solution to the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S. are "politically and economically preposterous."


Ed Rollins: 'Trump Has To Shift The Focus To Hillary'

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