Sen. Cruz suggests drug lord El Chapo pay for the wall
Turkey arrests hundreds allegedly linked to US-based cleric
Air Force launches unarmed missile for test in California
Federal judge blocks Trump plan to punish Sanctuary Cities
Government shutdown threat passes as Congress,
Trump settle on budget
Steve Mnuchin says Trump about to unveil plan for
"biggest tax cut in history"
Interior Secretary Zinke to sign order increasing access to fossil fuels
ISIS terrorists killed by rampaging wild boars near Iraqi farmland
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  • Ronna Romney McDaniel - Chairwoman of the RNC
  • Navy SEAL Rob O'Neill - Former Navy SEAL hero who killed Osama Bin Laden, author of new book "The Operator"
  • Sarita James - CEO of Embark, Former White House Fellow AND Carla Moquin, President of Parenting in the Workplace Institute.
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Le Pen Gets Lift From Unlikely Source: Far Left

The far-right leader Marine Le Pen faces an uphill battle in France's presidential runoff, less than two weeks away. But she saw daylight through a small window on Tuesday, and from an unlikely source: her defeated counterpart on the far left.

The Left-Wing Media Bubble

Mollie Hemingway has written a new Encounter Broadside ("Broadside" being the imprint name for long essays about a subject) called Trump vs. the Media. She talks about the media bubble and daily social media freakouts with Ben Domenech.


Ronna McDaniel: 'If Republicans Do NOT Build The Wall, We Will Lose Our Base In 2018'

France's Multicultural Dystopia

It all started, as it does quite frequently these days, as a debate on Facebook, this one among a group of libertarians discussing the relationship between religion and state.


Marc Thiessen: 'Democrats Are Pushing Trump Further To The Right & Demoralizing Their Own Party'

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