Cowboys owner Jerry Jones kneels with Dallas
players before anthem in Arizona
Ben Roethlisberger Regrets Steelers Boycotting Anthem
Collins says no on ObamaCare repeal, effectively derailing bill
Anthony Wiener Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison
Bernie Sanders Debates the Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill
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As North Korea threatens electromagnetic pulse attack, questions over lapses in US grid security rise

For more than 15 years, security and intelligence officials - including former CIA Director James Woolsey - have been raising the alarm bells about the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Only now as tensions with North Korea quickly escalate - with the rogue nation refusing to back down from its nuclear testing and threats of such an onslaught - is the matter really generating attention.

Surge! Illegals rush the border for Trump's promise of amnesty

During the first few months of Trump's presidency, border crossings declined to the lowest level in a generation. Now, new data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) shows that border crossings have spiked for the past four consecutive months, despite the hot weather, which usually causes an annual drop in border crossings in the summer.

MAD MAXINE: Impeach Trump over NFL kneelers

Come hell or high water, Maxine Waters is going to try to impeach President Trump. During a weekend appearance on MSNBC, the California congresswoman told host Joy Reid that Trump "is the most deplorable person I have ever met, seen or witnessed," and that he should be impeached in part due to his response to the NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

Republicans vow to 'press on' with health care bill in CNN debate

Two Republican senators leading the reeling, last ditch bid to replace Obamacare vowed to fight on Monday, even after another GOP defection dealt the potential killer blow to their bill.
"We are going to press on. It's OK to vote. It's OK to fall short, if you do, for an idea that you believe in," South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham told CNN's Jake Tapper and Dana Bash at town hall debate in Washington.


Trump's Comments Were Ill Advised, but Sincere; I For One No Longer Watch the NFL

Trump Wants to Free Up Federal Lands, His Interior Secretary Fails Him

The president should ignore Ryan Zinke's recommendations and revoke illegally designated or expanded national monuments. Like a rookie agent in a spy thriller, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke went rogue in responding to President Trump's executive order to review and make recommendations regarding the legality of two decades of national-monument decrees whereby past presidents, pursuant to the unilateral authority granted them by the Antiquities Act of 1906, designated federal lands as "national monuments" and, like national parks and wilderness areas, put them largely off limits to economic and recreational uses.

Weiner faces sentencing in latest chapter of sexting drama

It seemed as if Anthony Weiner had hit rock bottom when he resigned from Congress in 2011. "Bye-bye, pervert!" one heckler shouted as the Democrat quit amid revelations that he had sent graphic pictures of himself to women on social media. Time has shown his self-destructive drama had only just begun.

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