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Remembering Troy

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Troy On Friday, Oct. 27, my husband and I were fishing off a dock on a reservoir in the Sandhills of Nebraska. Two young men decked out in duck hunting gear launched their boat from the ramp. They had a younger yellow lab with them. My husband and I just smiled at each other when they called the lab into the boat. You're right-- his name was Troy! (Hope this helps with your loss)
Debra B
Troy Belated but most sincere condolences to you for your recent loss of Dr Troy. I have enjoyed hearing about him since I started listening to your show in '04. I've lost a few dogs growing up and a beloved cat of my own. I understand the depth of loss they leave behind. I've always considered that some of the best people I know are dogs, cats and horses. They make a point of honesty at all times.
I hope you find comfort in the thought that you gave Troy the best life possible and were brave and kind enough to let him go without suffering.
Bless you.
Ned C
Troy Laura, I just wanted to offer my condolences. Troy is such a handsome fellow. Looking at the photo album brought tears to my eyes. I've been through the same loss, but I firmly believe our pets go right to heaven & we will see them again. After all, what human could ever love us as much as our dog does? We are the whole world to them.
Connie S
Troy I have been out of town attending the my son's Army graduation. I am so sorry to hear of Dr. Troy's passing. He was a beautiful dog and I know how much you loved him. I lost my dog and year and a half ago in the same manner and I know how hard it is. They are truly your family. Please know you are in my thoughts and every morning you are part of my family.
Fondly, Carole W
Troy Longer ago than I care to remember
I had a dog, his name was Digger.
He understood how to taste life
Better than any human I ever knew.
For Digger the world was a place of wonder Smells, sounds, cool breezes, he savored them all.
He loved to explore, and
He would insist that I join him.
We lived at the edge of the woods
It was his favorite place
As we walked together
He showed me the wonder of
A bit of tree bark.
A wooly bug
A broken birds egg
And the sound of a gentle wind in the pines
And when we were done with our exploration He would sleep and dream
And so would I
Digger has been gone for a long time
But I can still see him dream
And then so do I.
And sometimes I ask my long gone friend
Where would you like to go today?
Charles I
Troy My sweet but liberal sister was visiting and I missed listening to your show this week. My sis just left and I just found out your beloved Troy passed away. I'm so sorry! I'm a conservative, animal loving, cancer surivor. I've listened to you for two years and I love your show! I often wish you could come for coffee with me and my girlfriends, several are liberal. They drive me crazy and I'd love to counter their political nonsense with your intelligence and wit. Again, my heartfelt condolences for Troy.
Barbara S
Troy Hi Laura,i just finished viewing photos of Troy.It breaks my heart seeing the pictures.I am crying as i type this.I have a super soft spot for ALL animals ,our best friends.I walk my brother's daily.Her name is Gizmo a little dog ,but she is the boss of the street.So i feel your pain and hope in time you feel happy again ,when you think of Troy.
Tim A

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