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Trump's presence in first GOP debate makes prep challenging for candidates
Dan Balz and Robert Costa: Washington Post
Next week's Republican presidential debate in Cleveland marks not only the inaugural formal gathering of the expansive GOP field but also the start of a new and unpredictable chapter in an already raucous 2016 race. Under the bright studio lights on the shores of Lake Erie on Aug. 6, ambitions will be showcased, positions staked, and Donald Trump, who has consumed the summer's political headlines, will finally be confronted, face to face, by his rivals.

To Kill a Man
Jim Webb: Politico Magazine
Long before James Webb became secretary of the Navy or a U.S. senator-or even potentially a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate-he was a 23-year-old Marine fighting in Vietnam's An Hoa basin, west of the city of Da Nang, as part of the Fifth Marine Regiment. During his tour as a rifle platoon and company commander, Webb was awarded the Navy Cross, the Silver Star, two Bronze Star Medals and two Purple Hearts for his actions in combat. An enemy grenade left him with shrapnel lodged in his head, arm, leg and back. Recounting his gritty combat tour during some of the war's darkest days-in one eight-week period, his rifle platoon suffered 51 Purple Hearts among those killed or wounded-he told an interviewer in 1988, "My greatest feeling in Vietnam was that I was a pawn."

In Defense of Incivility: Beware the press and politicians who bemoan the 'tone' in politics
Craig Shirley: LifeZette
Jeb Bush was at an event in the Hamptons this past weekend and was introduced by one of America's donor elites as someone who would bring "civility" back to American politics.

Cecil and Cecile: Mourning over a lion, yawning over dismembered babies
Laura Ingraham: LifeZette
These are just some of the headlines that were catching fire on cable and social media after a Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, was identified as the hunter who killed Zimbabwe's beloved 13-year-old lion named Cecil. PETA's spokeswoman Ingrid Newkirk said she wants Palmer "extradited, charged and preferably hanged."

The New York Times' Botched Story on Hillary Clinton
Norm Ornstein: The Atlantic
I have read The New York Times since I was a teenager as the newspaper to be trusted, the paper of record, the definitive account. But the huge embarrassment over the story claiming a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton for her emails-leading the webpage, prominent on the front page, before being corrected in the usual, cringeworthy fashion of journalists who stonewall any alleged errors and then downplay the real ones-is a direct challenge to its fundamental credibility. And the paper's response since the initial huge error was uncovered has not been adequate or acceptable.

Trump: Big Donors 'Control Bush 100 Percent'
Brendan Kirby: LifeZette
Donald Trump swung hard at chief rival Jeb Bush on Tuesday, painting him as beholden to the big money men funding his presidential campaign.

Jeb Bush Snares a Democratic Moneyman on Hamptons Tour
Zachary Mider: Bloomberg
Behind a garden modeled on Monet's, Jeb Bush addressed a lawn-full of chief executives and hedge-fund managers at an East Hampton, New York, estate Saturday morning. While the candidate is no stranger to courting wealthy donors, this time was different: about half the attendees were Democrats.

The Apprentices: Trump schools the press & GOP on building a brand
Laura Ingraham: Lifezette
"Trump is toast," Pete Wehner, a former White House aide to George W. Bush, wrote in Commentary. He called the McCain flap "a tipping point for the Trump campaign."

Donald Trump: I Pay My Own Way, Unlike Bush, Walker or Clinton
Heather Haddon: The Wall Street Journal
Donald Trump said there was no cap in the amount of money he would be willing to put into his campaign for the Republican nomination for president if his message continues to resonate with voters.

Polls: Bush Struggles vs. Hillary
J. Taylor Rushing: Lifezette
Three surveys confirm that Jeb faces headwinds

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