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Justice Was Served in Ferguson-This Isn't Jim Crow America
Ron Christie: The Daily Beast
The day of reckoning has arrived not just in Ferguson, Missouri, but also across America.

The Forgotten Americans
Victor Davis Hanson: National Review
Political analysts still are arguing over why the Democratic party was washed away in the midterm election.

Precedents and 'Prosecutorial Discretion'
Jan C. Ting: National Review
The president's announcement last week of his executive order on immigration was fine rhetorically but entirely wrong on the facts.

Alinsky Does Amnesty
Andrew C. McCarthy: National Review
President Obama is an Alinskyite.​

Sessions: 'Time To Stand Strong For The American People'
Jeff Sessions: Jeff Sessions
U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee...

Laws Emanate from the White House Now
Mark Krikorian: National Review
Obama's speech announcing his immigration diktat was the usual pabulum: "our immigration system is broken," can't let illegals "remain in the shadows," "commonsense middle-ground approach," blah, blah, blah.

Sessions: Obama Now 'Emperor of the United States'
Daniel Halper: The Weekly Standard
Senator Jeff Sessions calls Barack Obama an "Emperor of the United States" now that the president is going ahead with executive amnesty.

Schlafly: Obama could launch another Civil War
Paul Bremmer: WND
President Obama's looming executive action on immigration reform represents a Fort Sumter-type moment, according to conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly.

Five Reasons Obama Shouldn't Declare Amnesty
David Frum: The Atlantic
President Obama is reportedly pondering proposals that would effectively grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, above and beyond the potentially 1.4 million who gained amnesty in 2012.

Obama's Unprecedented Amnesty
Mark Krikorian: National Review
The latest from apologists for President Obama's planned decree to unilaterally amnesty perhaps 5 million illegal aliens is that Reagan and Bush Sr. did it, so what's the problem?

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