Laura in the News Archive
Newsweek: Will Trump Listen to Hannity or Ingraham?
Washington Post: One Fox host says Rosenstein should be fired. Another, Sean Hannity, says it's all 'designed to set up the president.
Think Progress: Carter Page admits to advising the Kremlin and Trump, but doesn't understand the FBI's suspicion
New York Daily News: Carter Page claims he's never met Trump, downplays suggestion he was informal Kremlin adviser
The National Sentinel: Key Trump dossier figure Carter Page disputes MAJOR allegation in document; 'NEVER met' Russian figure
Newsmax: Carter Page on Intel Memo: 'Worse Than I Could've Possibly Imagined'
Newser: Nunes Admits Fine Print Shows DOJ Didn't Conceal Info
Daily Caller: Carter Page Disputes Key Steele Dossier Claim On Fox News
The Hill: Carter Page: GOP memo 'worse than I could've possibly imagined'
Politico: Carter Page: I've never communicated with Trump
Daily Beast: Carter Page Calls Nunes Memo 'Worse Than I Could Have Possibly Imagined'
Daily Beast: Carter Page Calls Nunes Memo 'Worse Than I Could Have Possibly Imagined'
Daily Mail: Trump? I've never even met him says campaign adviser who FBI bugged over fears he was a Kremlin spy, using warrant they got with 'golden showers' dossier as 'evidence'
NY Post: New York Times asks court for sealed Carter Page documents
ABC News: Carter Page: FBI 'shredded' Constitution by eavesdropping on me
The Hollywood Reporter: 2017's Unanswered Media Questions
Lifezette: Trump: 'Chain Migration Is a Disaster for This Country'
Daily Beast: Trump on Vacant Posts: 'I Am the Only One That Matters'
The Week: In interviews, Trump laments he can't force the FBI to go after Clinton, cheers State Department vacancies
IJR: Trump Asked If He's Worried About Unfilled State Dept Roles - His Response Sets Internet on Fire
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