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Mediaite: Ingraham: Obama Can't Handle the Fact That 'He's Over'
Politico: Laura Ingraham: Secret for GOP success
Daily Mail: 'We are always open to ideas': Astonishing statement of CDC chief in CHARGE of bungled Ebola response as three congressmen call for his head and White House shifts blame
The Daily Caller: Ingraham: 'How Many Americans Are Going To Have To Die?'
Breitbart: Ingraham: Do Americans Have to Die Before Obama Admin Does Job?
Breitbart: Biodefense Expert: Not Banning Flights 'Setting Ourselves Up to Do Harm'
Breitbart: FL Gov: Feds Haven't Give Us Ebola Supplies We Requested
Mediaite: Ingraham: Obama's Lashing Out at Fox Because 'Liberalism Is Failing'
CBS Washington: Rand Paul: 'Can You Imagine If A Whole Ship Full Of Our Soldiers Catch Ebola?'
Breitbart: Immigration Expert: Obama Admin Responsible for Letting Ebola Patient into U.S.
CBS News: Sen. Rand Paul sounds Ebola alarm
Breitbart: Ingraham: 'Core Ties' to 'African Continent' Why Obama Hasn't Declared Travel Ban to Ebola Countries
Twitchy: 'If only': Laura Ingraham's pick for next to be held accountable gets a retweet from Darrell Issa
National Review: Tom Coburn: House Republicans 'Lied' About Government Funding Caps
Politico: David Brat & Laura Ingraham
Real Clear Politics: "Fox News Sunday" Panel: ISIS Terror Threat, Ferguson Raises Race Debate
News Channel 5: Constituents Pack Millennium Maxwell House In Support Of Carr
Politico: Laura Ingraham hits 'back bench' President Obama
USA Today: Laura Ingraham to campaign for Joe Carr in Tennessee
The Tennessean: Laura Ingraham plugs Joe Carr with Nashville rally
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