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Download The Media's Focus on Family Separation Distracts from True Migrant Abuse Committed by Cartels and Human Traffickers
Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens - August 14, 2018
Download Rand Paul Joins the Laura Ingraham Show From Russia with Love After Weeklong Trip to the Soviet Union - August 14, 2018
Download Niger Innis: Omarosa Wreaked Havoc on the Trump Administration and the African American community she was supposed to serve. - August 13, 2018
Download Avery Price, hero who stood for the national anthem despite hereditary spastic paraplegia, calls in to The Laura Ingraham Show! - August 10, 2018
Download Dr. Mark Christian: "I am an Immigrant and they are taking what you said out of context completely." - August 10, 2018
Download Dinesh D'Souza on his Latest Movie, Death of a Nation - August 10, 2018
Download Craig Shirley Destroys the Media's Sloppy Analysis of Reagan's Immigration Policy - August 10, 2018
Download Bill Bennett: "I've Never Seen Anything Like the Attacks on Administration Officials from the Media Like I Do Today" - August 09, 2018
Download Andy McCarthy: Ridiculous for Media to Claim There's No Such Thing as a Perjury Trap - August 09, 2018
Download Roger Stone: It pains me as a conservative, but it's time to treat Big Tech companies as public utilities. - August 08, 2018