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Download Nigel Farage: I Have Never Seen Middle England as Angry as They are Right Now, The Parliament Needs to Bring Theresa May Down - July 11, 2018
Download Mike Lee: If Democrat Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh Weren't So Comical They'd Be Scary - July 11, 2018
Download Shannon Bream cancels live SCOTUS show because of safety fears - July 10, 2018
Download DiGenova: Paul Manafort Cannot Get a Fair Trial in the District of Columbia in a Politically Charged Case - July 10, 2018
Download Christian Whiton: Theresa May had a lot of Potential with her Premiership but has been a disappointment, I call her 'Talentless Theresa' - July 09, 2018
Download Craig Shirley: The Supreme Court is Everything, It is a Vitally Important Decision for POTUS - July 09, 2018
Download Sol Wisenberg: Bret Kavanaugh is a brilliant writer, textualist and constructionist judge; would be a great choice - July 09, 2018
Download Alan Dershowitz: Mike Lee is My Favorite Trump's List of Potential Justices, He Has an Extraordinary Legal Mind - June 28, 2018
Download Newt Gingrich: We're going to have to get tougher and tougher on China; They've Exploited Every Opportunity to go to a Rules Based System - June 27, 2018
Download SC Congressman Norman -- Goodlatte Could Have Passed if Trump Had Pushed For It, Much Stronger on Chain Migration than current bill - June 26, 2018