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Download Jamiel Shaw: "The victims of illegal immigrant crimes are in the shadows." - February 27, 2015
Download Sessions: First Congress has a principal duty not to fund what it believes is illegal, we know the president has overreached. - February 27, 2015
Download Rep. Duncan: Republican people were elected majority in Senate, but apparently Harry Reid is still in charge. - February 26, 2015
Download Laura: GOP Fights When It Cares About The Issue, Amnesty Is Not Important Enough - February 26, 2015
Download Ron Fournier: The Clintons can take money for their PAC, without taking foreign money that supports terrorism. - February 25, 2015
Download Byron York: GOP leadership could have at least fought the PR battle on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform - February 25, 2015
Download Scott Taylor: Navy Seal Sniper blames Hillary & POTUS for foreign policy failures - February 24, 2015
Download Bill Kristol: The other Republicans need a very bold agenda to set them apart from Jeb Bush - February 24, 2015
Download Rudy Giuliani: At a time in which ISIS is trying to gain access to the US it seems this is the worst time to be loosening up immigration. - February 20, 2015
Download Rep. Huelskamp: People are dying over the presidents poor decisions. - February 19, 2015
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