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Download Byron York: Someone like Donald Trump comes a long once every other generation, he reframes the debates unlike other candidates. - September 04, 2015
Download Gov. Walker: 'We don't need a name from the past like Jeb Bush we need someone like me that has a better chance to beat Hillary Clinton.' - September 03, 2015
Download Rand Paul: 'I think Dick Cheney has been wrong on Foreign Policy for the past 30 years, we should not be sending Americans overseas.' - September 03, 2015
Download Carly Fiorina: 'The people who keeping saying I'm in this for VP, that?s sexist. I'm as qualified as anyone running for president.' - September 02, 2015
Download Gov. Christie: There's going to be laws enforced if I become president, too many Americans are hurting right now because laws are not enforced - September 02, 2015
Download Gov. Kasich: Does The 14th Amendment Defend Birthright Citizenship? - September 01, 2015
Download Bret Baier: "This is not only an anti-establishment vote, it's almost like an anti Jeb Bush vote, voters have a bad feeling about the GOP." - September 01, 2015
Download Ann Coulter: Gov. Walker Flip Flops On Immigration, How Trump Is Setting The GOP Agenda - August 31, 2015
Download Bill Kristol: Learn to Love the Current Candidates, Including Trump - August 31, 2015
Download Rick Santorum:"I wish Hillary Clinton was as hard on the terrorists as she is on those who respect the dignity of all human life." - August 28, 2015
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