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Download Ken Starr: Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Would be A Profound Injustice - September 17, 2018
Download Rio Grande Sector Border Chief: There is a Convergence of the threat categorically between drug cartels and MS-13 - September 12, 2018
Download Kevin McCarthy: That Wall is Gonna Get Built, and in California it's Already Being built - September 12, 2018
Download Art Laffer: Obama literally had the worst recovery ever in American history - September 11, 2018
Download Pat Buchanan on Anonymous Op-Ed: This is nothing but a stunt by the NYT, the White House Has Let Itself be Too Taken by This Whole Thing - September 07, 2018
Download Darrell Issa: Sessions Doesn't Have it in Him to Get to Reopen the Investigation into Hillary Clinton, He Hasn't Done the Job - August 30, 2018
Download Laura and Raymond Discuss the Challenges Facing the Catholic Church, and What it Means for the Faithful and the Country - August 28, 2018
Download what we are hostage to is the congress, these kinds of agreements should be bipartisan, we can work together
Lighthizer: The WSJ has been unkind to the President's trade policies - August 28, 2018
Download The Media's Focus on Family Separation Distracts from True Migrant Abuse Committed by Cartels and Human Traffickers
Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason Owens - August 14, 2018
Download Rand Paul Joins the Laura Ingraham Show From Russia with Love After Weeklong Trip to the Soviet Union - August 14, 2018