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Download Stand with Sessions, Cruz and Blackburn to stop Obama's executive amnesties - July 25, 2014
Download Farewell to our interns! - July 25, 2014
Download Sessions and Cruz stand up to Obama's lawlessness - July 24, 2014
Download Georgia's GOP Senate nominee David Perdue stands up to the Chamber of Commerce - July 24, 2014
Download Nashville legend Rodney Crowell joins Laura live in studio - July 23, 2014
Download The truth about what's going at our border... the news the left doesn't want you to hear. - July 23, 2014
Download Mo Brooks: "The laws are already on the books to enforce our border" - July 22, 2014
Download Byron York: Obama sees the U.S. as "just another country" - July 22, 2014
Download Dan Patrick reveals the truth about the numbers of illegal aliens crossing border - July 21, 2014
Download Rep. Bentivolio discusses the results of his fact-finding mission in Central America - July 21, 2014
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