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Download Byron York: 'It's Bonkers On What Scaramucci Is Doing; This Is NOT What A Comms. Director Should Be Doing' - July 28, 2017
Download VDH: 'If Jeff Sessions & Steve Bannon Leave the Administration the Entire 2016 Campaign Agenda Is Upended' - July 28, 2017
Download Pat Buchanan: 'The Scaramucci Comments Are A Hard Thing For The Trump Administration To Recover From' - July 28, 2017
Download Newt Gingrich: 'President Trump Needs To Be More Disciplined; Scaramucci ls Full Of Himself, He's Being More Pugnacious Than Effective' - July 27, 2017
Download Rep. Meadows: 'The President Is Fighting for the American People; WH Infighting Needs to Stop & Order Is Required to Run Smoothly' - July 27, 2017
Download Andy McCarthy: 'AG Sessions Should Have Recused Himself With Respect To Gen. Flynn But NOT The Entire Russia Investigation In General' - July 26, 2017
Download Director of WH Trade Council: 'Trump Is the Opposite of Bush & Clinton on Trade & Foreign Policy - July 26, 2017
Download Newt Gingrich: 'The Trump Administration Will Have a Civil War with the Bureaucracy for the Entire 8 Years in Office' - July 11, 2017
Download VP Pence: 'President Trump Drops His Call for a Joint Cyber Security Team With Russia; Not a Good Idea After All' - July 10, 2017
Download Rep. Steve King: 'Eric Holders Tweet Could Be Obstructing the Mueller Special Investigation' - June 30, 2017