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Download Carly Fiorina: [Referring to Jeb Bush] "No one owns me, not a lobbyist, not a donor, not anybody." - July 29, 2015
Download Ron Fournier: "My guess is the people will decide an alternative to Trump once it becomes election day." - July 29, 2015
Download Rep. Diane Black: "Shame on Nancy Pelosi, even if you believe in abortion what is happening in these Planned Parenthood films is wrong." - July 28, 2015
Download Donald Trump: "What I call the donors, the lobbyists, and those with the special interests, they control Bush, 100 percent control him." - July 28, 2015
Download Rick Santorum: "The media beats up Republican candidates enough. We do not have to beat up on each other." - July 27, 2015
Download George Will: "Arguably we have the most astonishing candidates and diverse field the GOP has ever seen." - July 27, 2015
Download "Its tough to say this early but Jeb Bush could be the next Mitt Romney." - July 24, 2015
Download Sen. Grassley: New Bill To 'Hold Sanctuary Cities Accountable' - July 24, 2015
Download Gen. McChrystal: "If our leadership doesn't make the case for the American people on why we're at war it's a mistake to be fighting." - July 24, 2015
Download Bill Kristol: "Donald Trump is not hurting the Republican Party he is helping the Republican Party." - July 23, 2015
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