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Download Border Patrol Agent Chris Cabrera elaborates on the border surge as we approach the election - October 26, 2016
Download Pat Caddell: 'I Have Never Seen The Media Say It's Over This Early In A General Election' - October 24, 2016
Download Axelrod: 'Wikileaks Releases Are Embarrassing & Crude For Hillary; Don't Think It Changes Voters Decision' - October 24, 2016
Download Sen. Jeff Sessions reacts to Donald Trump's debate performance. - October 20, 2016
Download Andrew Sabin: If you want a Republican House, Senate, and a conservative SCOTUS, Trump comes with the package - you have to support him - October 19, 2016
Download Dennis Prager slams Republicans for not getting behind Trump, discusses YouTube censoring PragerU videos. - October 18, 2016
Download James O'Keefe: 'Democrat Operatives Boast About Provoking Violence at Trump Events' - October 18, 2016
Download Ed Rollins: 'The Bush Wing Of The Republican Party Is Definitely Gone; It Will Not Be Coming Back' - October 18, 2016
Download Professor Supporting Trump: 'Students Should Keep Their Mouth Shut When They Don't Know The Issues' - October 17, 2016
Download LI Caller: The people can be the ground game...Trump campaign needs to tell voters how to register to vote. - October 17, 2016