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Download Elizabeth Warren hosts her own version of "Laugh-In" while on the stump for Hillary. Look out, Donald, Senator Buzzi is maaaad. - May 25, 2016
Download Sen. Sessions: Called on Hillary to Condemn the Violent Protesters in Albuquerque - May 25, 2016
Download Craig Shirley: Clinton Attacks Won't Hurt Trump; He Is Anti-Elitist & Running For A Virtuous Republic - May 23, 2016
Download Gingrich Hits 'Emotion & Hysteria' of NeverTrumpers - May 20, 2016
Download Amb. Bolton: 'President of U.S. Should NOT Speak to Kim Jong-Un' - May 20, 2016
Download Cheryl Casone: The Comeback: How Today's Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully - May 19, 2016
Download Phil Robertson: Trump Needs to be 'Born Again' - May 18, 2016
Download Larry Kudlow: 'Personal attacks on Trump hurts the Conservative Movement; GOP has to debate the key issues' - May 11, 2016
Download Tucker Carlson: 'Trump Is The Choice of Republican Voters; Current GOP Needs to Recognize This' - May 10, 2016
Download Ed Rogers: 'Trump has taken the Republican Party to school on Immigration & Trade' - May 10, 2016