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Download Pat Caddell reacts to the hypocrisy of the DNC - July 29, 2016
Download Rick Santorum contrasts the RNC and the DNC - July 29, 2016
Download Craig Shirley: 'Obama Is Not the Go -To Person On Conservatism; Only Cites Reagan When It's Convenient For His Agenda' - July 28, 2016
Download Gov. Pence: 'Against TPP; Trade Should Work for the American People First' - July 28, 2016
Download Father Gerald Murray disagrees with Pope Francis, this is a religious war. - July 27, 2016
Download Juan Williams reacts to the Clinton Foundation investigation and DNC Day 2. - July 27, 2016
Download Rep. Marsha Blackburn previews her RNC speech - July 21, 2016
Download Don Trump Jr: 'Cruz plays the angel & that's not the case; people see through him' - July 21, 2016
Download Conservatives to Cruz: Time to back Trump - July 21, 2016
Download LI Callers: 'The Republican Party has moved on; we don't care about Jeb, Kasich or any of them for that matter' - July 20, 2016