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Download James Woolsey: 'Trump did a great job at NATO Summit; Obama's Spying on Americans was Illegal.' - May 26, 2017
Download Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: 'Election of Gianforte to Congress is a huge win for Montana, the president, and the party' - May 26, 2017
Download Alicia Acuna: 'Fox Reporter Saw Montana GOP Congressional Candidate Body Slam A Reporter But Says He Did NOT Grab Him By The Neck' - May 25, 2017
Download Byron York On The Media: 'Trump Has Gotten In Their Head; That's Why MSNBC & CNN Have Such Negative Coverage' - May 25, 2017
Download Fmr. CIA Agent: 'Count On The Government Monitoring The Trump Family; They Are Very Vulnerable To CIA & FBI' - May 19, 2017
Download Buchanan: 'FBI Has Discovered NO Collusion; Now We Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Years' - May 19, 2017
Download Tom Fitton: 'President Trump Is The Only One That Knows Washington; The Special Prosecutor Is A Witch Hunt' - May 18, 2017
Download Gov. Huckabee: 'Roger Ailes Built Success By Out Thinking His Competitors; Virtues In His Life Were Extraordinary' - May 18, 2017
Download Pete Hoekstra: 'AG Sessions Made A Cataclysmic Mistake Picking Rosenstein & Recusing Himself' - May 18, 2017
Download Byron York: 'Comey Surprised The Senate Intelligence Committee About Trump's Comments; Initially He Did Not Contact Senator Grassley or Burr' - May 17, 2017